Fix Worx Landroid problem

This video takes you through the full process to replace the front sensor unit on the Worx Landroid WG791E

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22 thoughts on “Fix Worx Landroid problem”

  1. Thanks for this great job! But tell me please… What was the "strange things" that your robot did? Mine is slightly turning right and left just like when it find his boundary wire, but it does that in the middle of my garden, with no wire below it to be sensed by the sensor… Pretty crazy… 6 years of use.

  2. Thank you very much for your video. I was very nervous at the thought of disassembling it. But with the help of your video I got the courage to do so, so thanks for the great guide.

  3. Jonas Aagaard Madsen

    Thanks for the great video – Where do you get the spareparts from – i probably need a new keypad?

  4. Stort tack för instruktionen. Funkar klockrent! Vad man bör tänka på är att trycka fast det nya kabelpaketet på "rätt håll" så att man inte behöver vrida kablarna när sensorn ska skruvas fast igen. Det misstaget gjorde jag men orkade inte gå hela vägen tillbaka igen. 🙂 Det får bära så länge det går. Suverän film!

  5. Hello Y try to buy this unit sensor worx wg791e.1 but, i life in the Nederlands so we can't buy. question is who wil buy for mij en send this to Nederland. we can chat first

  6. Thanks for the video! My model is not exactly the same but I guess the procedure is similar for disassembly, in my case to be able to replace the front wheels which have detoriated quickly this year to the point of getting totally stuck. I have the WG796E model, replaced the front sensor last year without disassembling – there was enough slack in the cables to pull the contacts through the hole and unplug the old sensor and plug in the new one from the outside. It was difficult to get the seal perfectly in place for the new sensor and I will check this as well. Excellent instruction, especially regarding how to remove the height adjusting knob which would be almost impossible to guess!

  7. hello, thank you for your video, first of all, someone gave it to me because it is broken. I would like to know where i can find the exact reference ? I see yours is the WG791E, where can i check which one is mine ?

  8. Isaac Hostetler

    Thank you for this video. It looks like there is a little space in the front corner(s) above the caster wheels. Do you think that their is enough room to place a gps tracker? Do you remember about how much space might be available? Thanks again.

  9. Thanks man. Your video saved my robot. I disassembled it and found the broken wire at the front sensor and replaced it. Now, the mower is working fine again. Great

  10. Thanks for doing this I called the service center at landroid. the service man said the only thing you have to remove is the unit four screws and pull the rubber grommet with the wires thu the hole and disconnect the old unit the connect new unit no need to take top of the landroid

  11. Hej Kenneth hvilken af fejl gjorde din Work? Min er nemlig begyndt med at skrive uden for område når den er 1 meter væk fra ledningen som går rundt i kanten af haven

  12. Great video, thanks so much for posting. Saved me a ton of time figuring out this repair on my Landroid.

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