Honda Grass Miimo Review (2021)

The semi-commercial robotic mower 

By Lawnbot on 29 April 2021
Honda Grass miimo review
Our Verdict
From this Honda Grass Miimo review, we have noted that this model looks like an impressive upgrade from its predecessor, the Miimo 3000. The Grass Miimo was released to the Japanese market on the 17 of April, and we are yet to find out when it'll be released to the rest of the world. By viewing the Grass Miimo working in time-lapsed performance videos released by Honda Japan, we're very excited for its arrival and cant wait to test it out for ourselves!



+Auto recharging 

+Up to 4000m² working area

+Impressive mowing performance


-None yet (untested)

Honda Grass Miimo

Grass Miimo Price: Estimate

We cannot give you a definite answer just yet as Honda has not yet disclosed the retail price of the Grass Miimo. However, we can give you an estimate of how much the Honda Grass Miimo will cost.

As the successor of the Miimo 3000 which retails at around AU$4000-5000. We can only assume that the Grass Miimo will also fall into that range depending on further undisclosed features it may have.

Honda Grass Miimo Specifications

  • Main Features

    Warranty: Not yet disclosed

    Lawn Size: Up to 4000m²

    Maximum Slope: 25º

    Mobile App: Yes

    Voice Control: Not yet disclosed

    Wifi Connected: Not yet disclosed

    Auto-Charging: Yes

    Auto-Scheduling: Yes

  • Cutting

    Cutting Range: <10cm

    Cutting Width: Not yet disclosed

    Cutting System: 3 pivoting cutting blades

  • Battery

    Mowing Time: Not yet disclosed

    Charging Time: Not yet disclosed

    Battery Type: Not yet disclosed

    Battery Voltage: Not yet disclosed

    Battery Capacity: Not yet disclosed

  • Noise

    Noise Output: Not yet disclosed

  • Safety

    Bump Sensor: Yes

    Lift Sensor: Yes

    Tilt Sensor: Yes

    Emergency Stop: Yes

  • Security

    Pin Code: Yes

    Alarm: Yes

    Shut Off: Yes

  • Dimensions

    Size: Not yet disclosed

    Weight: Not yet disclosed

Honda Grass miimo review
Rating: 4.1/5

Mowing Performance

Honda Japan has provided us with a time-lapsed video of the Honda Grass Miimo mowing a fairly overgrown 860m² paddock on a pretty steep hill.

In the video, the Grass Miimo spends five nine-hour days to complete the task. It also demonstrates its ability to operate effectively on a reasonably steep slope. This is definitely an area that the Honda robotic mower division has been working on since the Miimo 3000 is known for having a harder time on steeper slopes.

Here's the time-lapse if you were interested...

Where Will the Grass Miimo Be Used?

Due to its large 4000m² mowing area, the Grass Miimo would be best suited for large residential properties or small commercial properties. The manufacturer describes that the Grass Miimo can be used at small farms, schools, and sports centres to assist in maintaining grass growth.

Without a doubt, the Grass Miimo would be perfect for someone with a large backyard, as shown in the video, this robotic mower has little to no difficulty slashing through some seriously long grass over a large area.

Our Thoughts on the Grass Miimo

Overall, the successor to the Miimo 3000 looks like a powerful mowing machine that can navigate steep slopes, rough terrain and deal with thick long grass with relative ease. As the Grass Miimo hasn't been released outside of Japan, we cannot draw a complete conclusion as of yet. However, we highly anticipate the arrival of the Grass Miimo so we can begin some hands-on testing for ourselves.

Happy Mowing!

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