Worx Landroid M500 WR139E Review

The suburban saviour

By Lawnbot on 26 January 2022
Worx landroid m500 wr139e review
Our Verdict
Overall, we believe that anyone who purchases the Worx Landroid M500 will not be disappointed.
Designed for smaller suburban backyards, the M500 is one of if not the best robotic lawnmower in its class when equipped with the ACS.
If you're looking for the best performing robot mower for smaller lawns, then the Landroid m500 is your go-to. However, if you're on a budget, there are much cheaper options on the market.

Price Range: $950 / £700

Max Mowing Area: 500m²

Max Slope: 19º

Battery Life: 60 mins

Warranty: 3 Years



+Great mobile app

+Cuts very close to edge

+Smart navigation system

+Great mowing performance and outcome

+Interchangeable 20v Worx power tool battery


-Optional addons are quite expensive

-Slightly noisier than other models

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Worx Landroid M500

Anti-collision system (ACS)

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• Features

From its well developed mobile app to its AIA navigation to its patented Anti-Collision System (ACS), The M500 is absolutely packed with features and continues to solidify itself as one of the most advanced robot mowers on the market in terms of technical features.


• Performance

With the M500's powerful AIA technology and advanced ACS, the Landroid can navigate almost any obstacle without hassle. As far as mowing performance goes, the M500 WR139E cuts to edge better than any other robot on the market thanks to its offset blade and grated front bumper. With the ability to tackle slopes of up to 19º, the Landroid M500 will have little trouble navigating the majority of backyards.


• Design

The Landroids are known for their more box-like design and the M500 is no different. 2-large spiked rear wheels powered by brushless motors are used to propel and navigate the Landroid while a single front free-spinning guide wheel is used for stability.

Worx landroid m500 wr139e review

Worx Landroid M500 Specifications

  • Main Features

    Warranty: 3 years

    Lawn Size: 500m²

    Maximum Slope: 19º

    Mobile App: Yes

    Voice Control: Yes

    Wifi Connected: Yes

    Auto-Charging: Yes

    Auto-Scheduling: Yes

  • Cutting

    Cutting Range: 3-6cm

    Cutting Width: 22cm

    Cutting System: 3 pivoting blades

  • Battery

    Mowing Time: 60 mins

    Charging Time: 90 mins

    Battery Type: Lithium-Ion

    Battery Voltage: 20V

    Battery Capacity: 4.0Ah

  • Noise

    Noise Output: 67db

  • Safety

    Life Sensor: Yes

    Tilt Sensor: Yes

    Emergency Stop: Yes

  • Security

    Pin Code: Yes

    Alarm: Yes

    Gps Tracking: Yes

  • Dimensions

    Size: 558x404x205 mm

    Weight: 9Kg

Lawnbot Rating

4.7/5 Stars

Mowing Performance

When it comes to mowing performance, few can compete with the Landroid.

With features like cut-to-edge design, powerful cutting blade motors and the ACS, the M500 brings them all together to mow your lawn efficiently and neatly.

Cut-To-Edge Design

One of the best things about the Worx Landroid m500 is its ability to cut edges better than other robotic mowers, which is made possible by the off-centre position of the mowing blades.

cut to edge landroid

Many other models leave a thin edge that has to be cut manually. The Landroid leaves a perfect, clean edge without any problems.

Mow-To-Charge Ratio

The Landroid M500 will mow for 60 minutes and require 90 minutes to fully recharge. Not a bad score for a smaller robotic mower.

Landroid Mobile App

The Landroids mobile app is undoubtedly one of its best features and selling points. The app allows users extensive control over their robot mower.

You can configure mowing schedule, track your Landroids location, enter specific details about your lawn to help the Landroid cater to your unique backyard and increase its efficiency and performance.

The Worx Landroid mobile app is by far the most advanced in the market.

Worx Landroid mobile app

Anti-Collision System (ACS)

The ACS system avoids obstacles in its path in an incredible way. However, the operating system switches the ACS off in sleep mode or on command to go home.

Worx ACS

We strongly recommend buying this attachment. The ACS will undoubtedly protect your robotic lawnmower from time to time from some bumps and scratches that can build up over the life of your m500.

Mowing Pattern

With AIA technology (artificial intelligence), the mower is constantly learning and improving, not only mowing more efficiently but also calculating the perfect mowing program based on the type of grass and the growth rate.

Aia worx landroid

All of this is automatic and does not require any help. The mowing pattern will appear randomly at first, but you will gradually learn and calculate the best routes to cut the grass in your garden.

See the Worx Landroid M500 WR139E in action!


Worx Landroid M500 Vs Bosch Indego S+ 500

Worx landroid m500 vs Bosch Indego s+ 500

These two models have some very similar features and are within the same price range, so which is better?

Let's break it down...

Landroid M500 Vs Bosch Indego S+ 500: Features

When it comes to features, both Landroid and Indego are pretty similar. Both models offer automatic programming, connectivity for mobile applications and automatic return to the charging station.

Both models will mow areas up to 500m². The Landroids mobile app is considerably more configurable and allows you to better control your M500 WR139E remotely.

Landroid M500 Vs Bosch Indego S+ 500: Battery Capacity

In terms of battery life and performance, the Worx Landroid M500's battery is not as efficient as the Indego's.

While the Landroid will get 60 minutes mow time for 90 minutes charge time, the Indego S+ 500 will get the same mow time from 60 minutes of charging.

Landroid M500 Vs Bosch Indego S+ 500: Safety

When it comes to safety, there isn't much to keep these two models apart. Both models have a number of security features designed to protect you and your property. The blade will stop immediately and activate when any of the sensors are activated to prevent possible injury or damage to property.

Landroid M500 Vs Bosch Indego S+ 500: Noise

Both models are almost identical with around a 65db noise output.

Landroid M500 Vs Bosch Indego S+ 500: Overall

As you can see, both of these robotic lawn mowers are pretty even in most areas.

The Landroids mobile app is a bit more advanced than the Indego's, while the S+ 500's battery is more efficient.

Both of these mowers are at the top of their class and outperform most other models, either would perform well on a small suburban lawn.

The only drawback of the Bosch Indego is its limited availability outside of Europe. If you live in Australia or the US, you'll find it extremely difficult to get your hands on the Indego, while the Landroid is readily available at most online retailers and mower stores.

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Worx Landroid M500

Anti-collision system (ACS)

How to Install the Worx Landroid M500

So you bought the Landroid, you are over the moon and I can't wait to see it in action. There is one small problem, however. I'm not exactly sure how to set everything up ...

Fortunately, we're here to walk you step by step through the perfect installation of your Landroid.

Make sure to allow at least 4-5 hours to install your robotic lawnmower. It's much better to take your time and get everything right the first time than having to go back and fix things later.

Step 1: Gather installation parts & tools

Before you begin installing your Landroid M500, its important to gather all the needed parts and tools.

Here's what you're going to need:

-Your Landroid

-Perimeter wire

-Landroid boundary ruler

-A mallet or hammer


-Wire pegs

-Charging base

-Charging base power supply

-Charging base pegs

M500 installtion pack

Now that you have everything, let's jump to the next step!

Step 2: Planning

It is important to have a clearly drawn plan before you start laying your perimeter wire.

-Draw an overview map of your property and decide where you want your Landroid M500 to operate.

- Choose a location for your charging station (note that it must be within 5m of a power source and on a flat surface and allow at least 1m to each side of the station)

- Starting at the charging station, draw a line along the boundary of where you want your Landroid to mow, isolating any areas along the way.

*To isolate garden beds or furniture, draw a straight line from your boundary directly to the isolation area, drag around the area, and come back the same way you got to the boundary*

Step 3: Installing the charging base

-Find a flat surface within 5m of a power source, and preferably in the shade.

-Leaving at least 1m on each side of the charging station for Landroid to access freely. Place the charging station base in your chosen location 

-Fix your charging station in place and screw the included screws into the floor with your Allen key.

-Take your boundary wire and guide it through the guide slot on your charging station.

-Connect your charging station to the power source via the power supply cable. When the charging station is properly connected, your charging station will flash green and then turn red.

-Once connected to the power supply, get your M500 and insert the supplied battery into the back of the Landroid.

-Now place it in the charging station and make sure that the metal plugs are in contact with the charging stations. The connections of the charging station are bent by 15 ° to start the charging process.

-If you've done this correctly, your Landroid will display * Charging * on the screen.

Step 4: Laying perimeter wire

-Start at your charging station and work your way around the perimeter of your lawn.

-Check out the included Landroid measurement tool to measure the distance it will take to route the wire from the border.

-Run the cable around the boundary of your property according to the route. Plan and return to your charging station by placing a cable pin approximately every 1 meter.

-In the corners, instead of placing the cable at a 90° angle, round to a 45° angle. This will help the Landroid cut the grass more evenly in the corners.

-To isolate an object, run the cable at an angle of 90 ° from its boundary to the desired insulation area. Continue running the wire clockwise around the isolation area and following the same wire back to the border.

-Guide the guidewire through the guide slots in the base of the station and cut the cable about 15 cm from the end. You now have both ends of the boundary wire in your charging station.

-Use your pliers to remove the plastic cable in the charging station. Strip the ends of the perimeter wire and insert them into the assigned slots in the charging station

Congratulations on successfully installing your Worx Landroid M500!

If you'd prefer to view the video installation guide for Landroid M500, you can do so here:

Worx Landroid M500 Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your Landroid M500 WR139E can increase its longevity and performance greatly and is highly recommended for all robot mower owners.

*Remember, ALWAYS turn your robot mower off and remove the battery prior to conducting any cleaning and maintenance*

How to Clean Your Landroid

This is the easiest way to extend the life of your lawnmower and improve the overall performance of your lawn. Some things to do while cleaning your robotic lawnmower are:

  • Remove and clean any grass debris around the control panel, ensure the emergency stop button can be activated freely.
  • Use a screwdriver to remove dirt and debris from your Landroids' wheel grooves
  • Use a soft wire brush to further clean debris from the wheels.
  • Clean beneath the deck with a damp rag and soap, be careful of the blades while you do this

How to Change Worx Landroid M500 Blades

The manufacturer suggests replacing your Landroid's blades every 6-8 weeks to ensure optimum mowing performance.

Replacing the blades may sound daunting but it's very easy!

  1. Switch your M500 off and remove the battery
  2. Flip the mower over onto a soft flat surface to expose the bottom of the mower
  3. Use a phillips screwdriver to carefully undo the 3 screws are holding the blades in place
  4. Remove the old blades and the old screws
  5. While you have the blades and screws removed, take this time to clear any excess debris that may have built up around the area
  6. Firmly screw the new blades and screws into place
  7. Ensure the screws are tight and the blades can spin freely

Done, nice work!

Our take on the Worx Landroid M500

In this Worx Landroid M500 review, we have covered its features, mowing performance, and how it shapes up to other robot lawnmowers in the market.

We believe the M500 to be one of the best options for people with a small backyard looking to get a high-quality product to automate the chore of mowing the lawn.

We hope this review has helped you decide whether to buy the Landroid M500 or not.

Happy mowing!

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