Stihl iMow 422P Review (2021)

The work horse

By Lawnbot on 28 April 2021
stihl imow 422p review
Our Verdict
The Stihl iMow 422P is definitely a strong contender in the increasingly competitive robot lawnmower market. With features like automatic scheduling, automatic recharging and a well-developed mobile app, the iMow has all the features you'd expect to have in a robotic mower in 2021. This model does seem to struggle on thicker species of grass as the wheels can get clogged quite frequently, under the deck also builds up excess grass quite quickly so you'll need to clean the 422P more frequently than robotic mowers in the market.

Price Range: AU$1800-$2000

Max Mowing Area: 1500m²

Max Slope: 22º

Battery Life: 75 Minutes

Warranty: 5 Years



+Well-developed mobile app


+Reliable and sturdy design

+5 year warranty


-Frequent grass & dirt buildup 

-Can struggle on thick species of grass

stihl imow 422p

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stihl imow 422p

STIHL iMow 422P