Worx Landroid L1500 WR150E Review (2021)

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By Lawnbot on 11 May 2021
worx landroid l1500 review
Our Verdict
The Worx Landoid L1500 has shown some really strong upgrades from its predecessors. If you're looking for a feature-packed and completely mobile controlled robot mower, then look no further.
This Landroid has all the fancy features you can think of, all supported through an advanced mobile application.
The ACS is another standout feature of the L1500, the ACS helps it navigate and avoid any obstacles which will come in handy if you've got a complex lawn pattern. However, will be paying an additional AU$300 for this luxury.

Price Range: $2999 / £2150

Max Mowing Area: 1500m²

Max Slope: 17º

Battery Life: 90 mins

Warranty: 3 Years



+Cuts right to the edge

+Great mobile app

+Powerful cutting motor

+Completely configurable to your lawn

+Great mowing performance and outcome


-Optional addons are quite expensive

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Worx Landroid L1500

Anti-collision system (ACS)

One-Minute Review

There's no question that the Worx Landroid L1500 WR150E is one of the most efficient robotic lawnmowers in the Australian market in 2021, with a proven track record of mowing your lawn to perfection without much hassle at all.

While competing with giants like Honda, Husqvarna and Stihl, Worx has set themselves the goal of perfecting the art of robotic lawnmower technology, and it shows.

The Landroid L1500 is suitable for medium-sized lawns of up to 1500m². What fundamentally sets the L1500 apart from its competitors is its highly customizable mobile app which allows you to schedule mowing times and even choose your grass types to get the best cut for your grass type!

The slim, rectangular, and sturdy design allows it to enter and navigate tight spaces and relatively easy to maneuver in tight spaces. You'll be impressed with its ability to spot and avoid obstacles, be it trees, dog toys or even thin legs from patio furniture, all thanks to its Intelligent Collision Protection System (ACS).

However, the ACS is an optional extra that enables this to cost you an additional $299. The L1500's 2 large pointed rear wheels ensure that the Landroid maintains traction and does not get stuck on slippery surfaces or in the mud.

Overall, the Worx Landroid L1500 has shown real improvements over its predecessor models and has proven to be one of the best robotic lawnmowers out there.

worx landroid l1500 review

Worx Landroid L1500 WR150E Specifications

  • Main Features

    Warranty: 3 years

    Lawn Size: 1500m²

    Maximum Slope: 17º

    Mobile App: Yes

    Voice Control: Yes

    Wifi Connected: Yes

    Auto-Charging: Yes

    Auto-Scheduling: Yes

  • Cutting

    Cutting Range: 3-6cm

    Cutting Width: 22cm

    Cutting System: 3 pivoting blades

  • Battery

    Mowing Time: 90 mins

    Charging Time: 75 mins

    Battery Type: Lithium-Ion

    Battery Voltage: 20V

    Battery Capacity: 4.0Ah

  • Noise

    Noise Output: 62db

  • Safety

    Life Sensor: Yes

    Tilt Sensor: Yes

    Emergency Stop: Yes

  • Security

    Pin Code: Yes

    Alarm: Yes

    Gps Tracking: Yes

  • Dimensions

    Size: 630x445x225 mm

    Weight: 9.5Kg

Lawnbot Rating

4.7/5 Stars

Worx Landroid L1500 Mowing Performance

When it comes to mowing performance, few can compete with the Landroid. With features like cut-to-edge design, powerful cutting blade motors and the ACS, the L1500 brings them all together to mow your lawn efficiently and neatly.

Cut-To-Edge Design

One of the Worx Landroid L1500's best features is its ability to cut edges better than other robotic mowers. This is made possible by its off-centre blade placement.

worx cut to edge

Many other models leave a thin edge that needs to be cut manually or neglected. The Landroid leaves a perfect and clean edge without any problems.

Mow-To-Charge Ratio

As long as you give the mower enough time to mow, you can expect to have a beautiful, freshly cut lawn to be proud of. The Worx Landroid has an excellent cut-to-charge ratio. It takes about 90 minutes while cutting, and it only takes 75 minutes to charge and start cutting again fully. This is exceptional compared to other models on the market when the cut-to-charge ratio favours charging time.

Anti-Collision System (ACS)

Collision System (ACS) The ACS system avoids obstacles in its path in an incredible way. However, the operating system shuts down the ACS in sleep mode or whenever it is ordered to go home. If your lawn has more than a few obstacles, we highly recommend purchasing this add-on.

Worx ACS

The ACS will undoubtedly protect your robotic lawnmower from time to time from some bumps and scratches that can build up over the life of your Landroid L1500 WR150E.

Mowing Pattern

Because the Landroid has AIA technology that uses Artificial Intelligence, the mower is constantly learning and improving. Not only does it cut more efficiently, but it also calculates the perfect cutting program based on the grass type and growth rate.

This is all automatic and does not need your help. The mowing pattern will seem random at first, but it will gradually learn and calculate the best routes to mow your garden.


One of the main benefits of having a robot lawnmower is that since it's mowing more frequently and trimming less off, as a result, the smaller clippings act as fertiliser for your lawn to retain the nutrients it needs to get healthier.

See the Worx Landroid L1500 in action!

Worx Landroid L1500 Vs Husqvarna Automower 115H

Both of these robot lawnmowers have some similar features. Let's see how they match up overall and which would be the best choice for you...

Landroid L1500 Vs Husqvarna Automower 115H: Features

When it comes to features, both the Landroid and Automower are pretty close to each other. Both models offer automatic scheduling, connectivity for mobile apps and automatic return to charging station. The Automower has a slightly larger working area of ​​up to 1600 m² while the L1500 will mow around 1500m². Both have very similar features without separating the models too much. The Landroid's mobile app is more configurable and allows you more control of your L1500 remotely.

Landroid L1500 Vs Husqvarna Automower 115H: Battery Capacity

As far as battery life and performance goes, the Worx Landroid L1500 WR150E's battery performs better out in the field. It's going to need 75 minutes of charge for it to mow for 90 minutes. The Automower 115H will require 60 minutes of charge to mow for 60 minutes, not too shabby either.

Landroid L1500 Vs Husqvarna Automower 115H: Safety

Safety-wise theirs not much to split these two. Both models come with a range of safety features designed to keep you and your property safe. Equipped with tilt/lift sensors, an emergency stop button, and an instantly stopping blade that activates if any of the sensors are triggered to avoid any possible injury or damage.

Landroid L1500 Vs Husqvarna Automower 115H: Noise

The Landroid L1500 is slightly noisier than the Automower 115H. While the Landroid will sit at around 62db while mowing, the 115H is a little quieter at 59db. However, you would probably not be able to tell the difference.

Landroid L1500 Vs Husqvarna Automower 115H: Overall

As you can see, both of these robot lawnmowers are pretty evenly matched in most areas. The Landroid's mobile app is slightly more advanced than the Automowers, and the battery is also the better performer.

Both of these mowers will set you back around AU$2200, so overall, we'd go with the Landroid WR150E for the longer battery life and slightly better mobile application.

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Worx Landroid L1500

Anti-collision system (ACS)

How to Install the Worx Landroid

So you bought the Landroid, are over the moon, and can't wait to see it in action.

There is one small problem, you aren't entirely sure how to set everything up... Fortunately for you, we have spent hundreds of hours setting up and installing robotic mowers.

We will guide you step by step in the perfect installation of your Landroid.

You should allow at least 6 hours to install your robotic lawnmower.

It's much better to take your time and get everything right the first time than having to go back and fix things later.

So relax and take the time to read these steps. The better you install it, the better the Landroid will operate.


Step-by-step guide on how to install the Landroid:

Step 1: Gather installation tools

Before starting the installation, it's important to make sure you've got all the installation parts and tools.

-Perimeter wire

-Wire pegs

-Charging base

-Charging base power supply

-Charging base pegs

-Landroid boundary ruler

-A hammer

-A set of pliers

worx landroid installation

After gathering all your equipment, it's time to start step 2.

Step 2: Planning

It's important to have a clearly drawn plan before you start hammering away at your wire pegs.

-Draw an overview of your property and decide where you want your Landroid L1500 to operate.

-Choose a location for your charging station (note that it must fall within 5m of a power source and on a flat surface).

-Starting by drawing a line from your charging station around your boundary


To isolate garden beds or furniture, draw a straight line from your boundary directly to the isolation area, draw around the area, and return to the boundary the same way you came.

Step 3: Installing a charging station

-Find a flat surface within 5m of a power source and preferably in the shade

-Leave about 0.5m on each side of your charging station to allow the Landroid to access it freely

-Place your charging station base in its chosen location

-Fix your charging base in place, screwing the provided screws into the ground with your allen key

-Get your boundary wire and run it through the guiding groove on your charging station

-Connect your charging station to the power source using the provided power supply cables. If connected properly, your charging station will flash green and then turn red

-Once connected to power, get your Landroid L1500, insert the provided battery pack in the back of the Landroid.

Now place it on the charging station, ensuring the metal connectors are making contact with the charging stations. The charging stations connectors will bend 15º to begin charging.

-If you've done this step correctly, your Landroid will display *Charging* on the display screen

Step 4: Laying perimeter wire

-Start at your charging station and continue around the perimeter of your lawn

-Refer to your supplied Landroid measure tool to help gauge the distance that you need to place your wire from the boundary.

-Keep running your wire around your property boundary according to your drawn plan and back to your charging station, placing a wire peg approximately every 1 meter.

-In corners, instead of placing your wire at a 90° angle, round it off with a 45° angle. This helps the Landroid mow more fluently in corners.

-To isolate an object, run your wire at 90º from your boundary to the desired isolation area. Continue to place the wire in a clockwise direction around the isolation area and following the same wire back to the boundary

-Once back at the charging station, run your guidewire through the guiding grooves on the base of the station, leave about 15cm off the end and cut the wire

-You'll now have both ends of the perimeter wire at your charging station. Use your pliers to remove the plastic wire insulation from the tips of the perimeter wire and insert them into the allocated slots on the charging station

If you'd prefer to watch the Landroid L1500's video installation guide, you can do so here:


Congratulations on successfully installing your Landroid L1500!

Worx Landroid Maintenance

Regularly maintaining your Landroid L1500 to improve performance and increase longevity. Here are a few maintenance tips for your Landroid.

*Remember, ALWAYS turn your robot mower off and remove the battery prior to conducting any cleaning and maintenance*

How to Clean Your Landroid

This is the easiest way to increase the lifespan of your mower and improve the overall outcome of your lawn. A few things to do when cleaning your robot lawnmower are:

  • Remove and clean and grass residue from around the control panel
  • Ensure emergency stop button can be activated without any obstruction
  • Use a screwdriver to remove dirt and grass buildup from the grooves of your Landroids wheels
  • Use a soft wire brush to further clear any dirt from your wheels
  • Clear underneath the deck to ensure there's no buildup of grass or dirt and all parts operate without obstruction

How to Change Worx Landroid Blades

Worx recommends replacing your Landroid L1500 blades every 6-8 weeks to ensure optimum cutting performance.

Don't worry, replacing blades on the Landroid L1500 is very easy.

  1. Turn your Landroid off and remove the battery
  2. Flip it over onto a flat surface exposing the bottom of your robot mower
  3. Use a phillips/star headed screwdriver to carefully undo the 3 screws that hold the blades in place
  4. Remove old blades and screws
  5. Take this time to clear any dirt from around the area
  6. Screw new blades with new screws in place firmly
  7. Make sure the blades are secure and spinning freely

Done, nice work!

Here's a quick video guide if you need some further help

Our Thoughts on the Landroid L1500 WR150E

Overall, we're very impressed with the Worx Landroid L1500 WR150E model. Worx has proven that they are the leading force in lawnmower robotics with their latest models. With the AIA technology combined with a powerful motor, cut to edge design and a well-developed mobile app, the Landroid L1500 is the perfect backyard companion.

We hope this helped you decide whether or not the Landroid is suitable for you.

Happy mowing!

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