Worx Landroid L1500 WR150E Review (2021)

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By Lawnbot on 11 May 2021
worx landroid l1500 review
Our Verdict
The Worx Landoid L1500 has shown some really strong upgrades from its predecessors. If you're looking for a feature-packed and completely mobile controlled robot mower, then look no further.
This Landroid has all the fancy features you can think of, all supported through an advanced mobile application.
The ACS is another standout feature of the L1500, the ACS helps it navigate and avoid any obstacles which will come in handy if you've got a complex lawn pattern. However, will be paying an additional AU$300 for this luxury.

Price Range: $2999 / £2150

Max Mowing Area: 1500m²

Max Slope: 17º

Battery Life: 90 mins

Warranty: 3 Years



+Cuts right to the edge

+Great mobile app

+Powerful cutting motor

+Completely configurable to your lawn

+Great mowing performance and outcome


-Optional addons are quite expensive

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