Worx Landroid M1000 WR140E Review (2021)

The king of domestic robotic mowers

By Lawnbot on 25 April 2021
worx landroid wr140e review
Our Verdict
Overall, the Worx Landroid has shown some real improvements when compared to its previous models.
The WR140E paired with the optional ACS is a combination that other brands struggle to compete with. However, the optional extra will set you back an extra $199 on top of your initial purpose, we feel the ACS should be been included in the package from the get-go.

Price Range: $1150 / £899

Max Mowing Area: 1000m²

Max Slope: 19º

Battery Life: 120 Minutes

Warranty: 2 Years



+Incredible mobile app

+Auto charging 

+Set custom cutting height remotely

+Smart navigation system (ACS)


-Some optional add-ons should be included in the initial package

-Noisier than other models

Landroid WR140E Pricing

The Worx Landroid WR140E will set you back $1600-$1700 (£900). If you'd like to add some additional extras, you'll be paying $199 for the anti-collision system (ACS), $149 for the virtual off-limits fence and $129 for the Landroid garage.

The pricing is reasonable for what you're getting. However, you'll definitely want to order the ACS, which dramatically increases the machine's performance.

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Worx Landroid M1000

Anti-collision system (ACS)

Quick Review

The Worx Landroid M1000 WR140E is unquestionably one of the most effective robot mowers on the Australian market in 2021. It's proven to be capable of cutting your lawn to your set cutting length while you relax with a very clean finish.
Worx isn't as big as their competitor giants like Honda, Husqvarna, and Stihl, but they have set out to perfect the art of robot mower technology, and it really shows.
The Landroid M1000 is ideal for property sizes of up to 1000m², while the larger model Landroid L1500 can slash areas up to 1500m² for those of you with a larger-sized lawn. The thing that basically sets the Worx m1000 apart from its competitors is its highly customisable mobile application. You're able to configure your operating schedule, grass cutting height, set no-go zones, and even select your grass species so to get the best cut for your lawn type!
The slim rectangular and robust design allows it to enter and navigate into tight spots and relatively easily maneuver around narrow areas.
We were impressed at its ability to spot and avoid obstacles, being trees, dog toys, and even thin garden furniture legs. This is all because of its intelligent anticollision system (ACS). However, the ACS is an optional extra that will cost you an extra $299.
The 2 large spikey rear wheels ensure the Landroid keeps traction and prevents it from getting stuck on slippery surfaces or in mud. Overall the Worx Landroid M1000 has shown real improvements since their previous models and has proven to be one of the best automatic mowers on the market in 2021.
worx landroid wr140e m1000 review