Robomow RT 300/700 Review (2021)

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By Lawnbot on 7 May 2021
Robomow RT Review
Our Verdict
The Robomow RT is a very impressive domestic robotic mower. Coming with all the advanced features you can think of packed into a small, compact and unique design.
While reviewing the Robomow RT, we couldn't help but appreciate the unique approach the company has taken in designing this product.
Overall, the RT is perfect for small-sized lawns with a price tag starting around AU$1500.

Price Range: AU$1500-$1950

Max Mowing Area: 300m² | 700m²

Max Slope: 17º

Battery Life: 75 mins | 90 mins

Warranty: 3 Years



+Unique patented design

+Mobile app compatibility

+Cuts very close to edge

+Many included features


-Long recharging time

-Can get a little noisy

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1-Minute Review

The Robomow RT is one of the most sophisticated robotic lawnmowers on the market today. Coming in two models, the RT 300 and the RT 700, the Robomow RT series is designed for smaller sized lawns.

With patented all-terrain traction tyres, reaching gradients of up to 16 degrees is no problem for the new RT series. Thanks to the pendulum mower deck and the compact cutting width of 18cm, the RT can achieve near-perfect cutting results even on uneven terrain.

The cutting deck is suitable for low cutting heights of only 1.5 cm, ideal for getting a nice low cut to impress the neighbours. The RT also has a patented self-cleaning mulcher, making general maintenance and cleaning much easier and less frequent.

With all these great features, you'll be paying a pretty high price of AU$1500 for the Robomow RT 300 and AU$1900 for the RT 700.

robotmow rt

Robomow RT Specifications

  • Main Features

    Warranty: 3 years

    Lawn Size: 300m² | 700m²

    Maximum Slope: 16º

    Mobile App: Yes

    Voice Control: Yes

    Wifi Connected: Yes

    Auto-Charging: Yes

    Auto-Scheduling: Yes

  • Cutting

    Cutting Range: 1.5-6cm

    Cutting Width: 18cm

    Cutting System: 1 rotating blade

  • Battery

    Mowing Time: 75 mins | 90 mins

    Charging Time: 180 mins

    Battery Type: Lithium-Ion

    Battery Voltage: 18V

    Battery Capacity: 10,2Ah

  • Noise

    Noise Output: 64-69db

  • Safety

    Life Sensor: Yes

    Tilt Sensor: Yes

    Emergency Stop: Yes