Bosch Indego M+ 700 Review (2021)

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By Robot Maniak on 4 July 2021
bosch indego m+ 700 review
Our Verdict

This robot mower is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to mow your lawn while you relax.

You can also connect it with Alexa to effortlessly control your Indego by voice control making it even more convenient to control your mower.

All in all, The M+ 700 is one of the most effective robot mowers on the market today.


+ Intelligent Scheduling System Identifies the Best Times to Operate

+ Automatic OTA Software Updates

+ Smart LogiCut Mowing Algorithm

+ Voice Control Via Alexa


- It leaves unmowed patches if it’s operated right after the rain

- Is known to have some issues docking when the base station is not perfectly set up

Max Area: 700m²

Max Slope: 16º

Battery Life: 75 Mins

Mobile App: Yes

Warranty: 2 Years


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Bosch Indego M

Bosch Indego M+ 700

bosch indego m+ 700 review

One Minute Review

It’s not easy to garden with a busy schedule. It’s hard to allot time to appease your green fingers.

This is where the Bosch Indego M+ 700 comes in. It’s built for the busy bees who love gardening occasionally. Garden the unconventional way with this intuitive lawnmower. 

It does all the hard work. You’ll have a smooth lawn thanks to the three pivoting cutting blades.

bosch indego mowing blades

To top it all, it has a brushless motor. These motors don’t wear out easily and showcase significantly higher performance rates. It’s also less susceptible to mechanical wear and operational noises. The best part? It has a longer lifespan.

Full Mobile App Control

Download the application on your phone to keep track of your Indego with ease. With a simple click of a button, you can get your lawn mowed before you get home.

bosch indego mobile app

You can also hook it up with Alexa. This way, you can convey certain instructions and also keep track of where the machine is. 

Design & Performance

The mower has multiple sensors attached to it that go around objects to leave a clean finish. Unlike a traditional lawnmower, it can cover small patches of land too.

Overall, it can work on a combined area of 700 m²! The blades are cut evenly to make your lawn look lush and healthy. 

m+700 mowing

The device comes with a side docking station too. Another thing that deserves a special mention is the Smartmowing feature.

The software automatically updates itself but that’s not all... the Indego M+700 also checks for the weather before getting started.

So you won’t have to worry about your device automatically mowing in the bad weather!

Maintenance is not an issue. Brushless motors are extremely efficient and they’re meant to last a long time. Install a perimeter wire so your lawnmower knows which areas to focus on.

The Bosch Indego M also offers three cutting heights to pick from. The range is from 30mm to 50mm and you can set the slope to up to 27%. 


See the Bosch Indego M+ 700 in action!

Bosch Indego M+ 700 Specifications

  • Main Features

    Warranty: 2 years

    Lawn Size: 700m²

    Maximum Slope: 16º

    Mobile App: Yes

    Voice Control: Yes

    Bluetooth Connected: No

    Wifi Connected: Yes

    Auto-Charging: Yes

    Auto-Scheduling: Yes

  • Cutting

    Cutting Range: 2-5cm

    Cutting Width: 19cm

    Cutting System: Three pivoting razor blades

  • Battery

    Mowing Time: 75 mins

    Charging Time: 60 mins

    Battery Type: Lithium-Ion

    Battery Voltage: 18V

    Battery Capacity: 2.5Ah

  • Noise

    Noise Output: 61db

  • Safety

    Life Sensor: Yes

    Tilt Sensor: Yes

    Emergency Stop: Yes

  • Security

    Pin Code: Yes

    Alarm: Yes

    Gps Tracking: Yes

  • Dimensions

    Weight: 7.7Kg

    Measurements: 44.5 x 36.4 x 20.2cm

Overall Rating

4.6/5 Stars

Bosch Indego M+700 Features

The Bosch Indego M+ 700 lawnmower was made for efficiency. It has a unique weather forecasting function that helps you pick the right day to mow. The technological functions also have automatic updates.

Let’s take a look at some more features that make this a best-selling robot mower.  

•Updates Automatically 

You already know this mower has a software feature. Whenever the software is upgraded, the device automatically updates it.

You won’t have to manually tinker with the device to make sure it’s up to date. This way, your lawnmower always remains efficient. 

•Forecasts the Weather 

The Indego M+ 700 lawn mower keeps a lookout for the local weather. Then, it schedules the mowing accordingly.

bosch indego app

Let’s say you have the mower schedule to get its job done during a rainy day. It’ll automatically wait for the grass to dry before getting started. So you won’t have to worry about the weather conditions!

•Brushless Motor 

This is a star feature because its presence reduces energy consumption. In addition, this helps the machine run without a hitch.

Not only that, but it also improves battery efficiency. The mower also doesn’t require much maintenance. Finally, this increases the lifespan of the equipment. 

•Mowing Performance

This is a powerful lawnmower for several reasons. First, it covers small spaces on a single charge. Second, it takes a few more to tackle a full-sized lawn.

The lithium-ion battery takes around sixty minutes to charge. This runs for around seventy-five minutes.

However, the battery needs to be replaced every two years or so. 

This mower has a quick charging station with easy docking. Whenever it needs to charge, it returns to the dock automatically.

bosch indego mowing

The machine knows when it requires more energy. It’s intuitive that way. You can also program it to take charging breaks. The battery is also easy to look after. 

•Bosch LogiCut Mowing Algorithm

Thanks to the intelligent LogiCut navigation system, the Indego can determine the size and shape of the lawn and record the cutting progress on the lawn map.

Then it mows your lawn efficiently in parallel lines, preventing constant starts, repeated mowing and saving energy by reducing mowing time by up to 70%!

Bosch Indego M+ 700 Vs Robomow RT

Robomow and Bosch have been manufacturing robot lawnmowers longer than most other companies. So let's see how the Robomow RK compares to the Indego M 700.

robomow rt vs bosch indego m+700

Let's break it down...

Indego M+ 700 Vs Robomow RT: Features

In terms of functionality, the RK and M+700 are pretty similar.

Both models have the ability to mow up to 700m², great mobile apps, voice control and much more.

Indego M+ 700 Vs Robomow RT: Battery Capacity

When it comes to battery life and performance, the battery of the Indego M+ 700 is more efficient. For every 75 minutes of mow time, it will need 60 minutes to recharge fully.

The Robomow RK mows for 90 minutes but will need a huge 180 minutes to recharge.

Indego M+ 700 Vs Robomow RT: Safety

When it comes to safety, both manufacturers have taken extensive measures to ensure their systems are accident-proof.

They both come with multiple features that protect you, your family and your property.

The cutting blade stops immediately when the tilt or lift sensors are triggered to prevent any personal injury or property damage.

Indego M+ 700 Vs Robomow RT: Noise

The Robomow RK is slightly noisier than the M+700 at around 64db, with the Indego sitting at around 61db.

However, it's highly doubtful you'd notice the difference in the real world. 

Indego M+ 700 Vs Robomow RT: Overall

Both models are some of the best in the small-medium sized robot mower category.

However, if I had to choose between them, I would be going with the  Indego M+700 for two reasons.

  1. Bosch's LogiCut mowing system.
  2. The mow-to-charge ratio is far superior to the Robomow.

Bosch Indego M+ 700 In a Nutshell

Bosch knows the importance of creating a beautiful home. That’s why they cater to residential customers. All their products are meant to make your home more livable. They focus on equipment for outdoor use in particular. These products are regularly updated for improved efficiency. 

The Bosch Indego M+ 700 is a lawn mower worth raving over. It cuts the lawn in a unique way that saves you time and energy. Unlike other mowers, it doesn’t cut the grass in random directions. It’s methodical and cuts in straight lines. The overall effect is pleasing. Every blade has a smooth finish. 

This intelligent robotic lawn mower gets the job done quietly and efficiently. Its innovative features cut lawns in parallel lines for an attractive outcome.

Happy mowing!

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