MoeBot S5/S10 Review (2022)

The Australian pocket rocket

By Sean on 27 January 2022
MoeBot S5/S10 Review
Our Verdict
Overall, the MoeBot S5 and S10 models look incredible. What really sticks out is the powerful 3500rpm blade motor, if you live in Australia, you may know how tough and stubborn our grass can be, our most popular species is Buffalo after all.
The MoeBot S series will retail at almost half the price of other robot mowers in its class and just could be the much needed affordable option that will finally crack the Australian market for robotic mowers and household robotics in general. 

Price Range: AU$850-$1000

Max Mowing Area: 600m² | 1400m²

Max Slope: 30º

Battery Life: 60 Mins | 120 Mins

Warranty: 2 Years



+Powerful 3500rpm blade motor

+Auto recharging

+Easy to use mobile app

+Unbeatable pricing


-Slightly noisier than the industry average

MoeBot S-Series Pricing

One of the big talking points of the MoeBot S5/S10 models is the incredibly affordable price tag. Currently on pre-sale, you can order the S5 for AU$850 and the S10 for only AU$990. Needless to say, these are absolutely incredible prices! After pre-sale you'll be able to snag the S5 for AU$990 and the S10 for just AU$1100 making the S-series the most affordable robot mower in it's class. In comparison, the Worx Landroid WR140 model which has similar features to the MoeBot s10 will set you back AU$1800...

Best Current Deals

MoeBot S5 (600m²)


MoeBot S10 (1400m²)


Quick Review

This Australian robotic mower ticks all the boxes on paper.

Equipped with a powerful 3500rpm cutting blade motor, this little machine is well suited to tackle that Buffalo grass that we Australians hate to love.

While this mower has the most powerful motor in its class, it remains one of the smallest robotic mowers on the market, talk about big things coming in small packages...

This small yet robust outer body of the MoeBot S-series allows it to easily navigate through narrow corridors and around obstacles.

At the same time, the MoeBot S5 and S10 come equipped with all the bells and whistles of other robotic mowers in its class, including wifi compatibility, auto-recharging, auto-scheduling, full control via mobile app, tilt/lift sensors, security alarms and much more.

However, the price tag is what really grabs your attention. Other robot lawn mowers with these sorts of features will usually set you back AU$1800+ for a base model.

The S5 will retail $990, which is almost half the price of similar models in its category.

If the MoeBot S-series can do all that the manufacturer says it can do, then we might just be looking at the robotic mower that can finally crack the Australian market.

What's the Difference Between the MoeBot S5 and S10?

The only difference between the MoeBot S5 and the Moebot S10 is the battery. Both models are the same in every way apart from the battery.

The S5 has a battery capacity of 2.6Ah, while the S10 has a capacity of 5.2Ah. 

The S5 is designed to mow smaller sized gardens at 600m² with a mowing time of 60 minutes, while the S10 is designed for larger areas of 1400m² with a mowing time of 120 minutes.

With the bigger battery, the S10 also weighs 0.5Kg more than the S5 at 8.9Kg.

The cool thing about this is that if you decide that you want a model with a bigger cutting area and battery life, you can simply purchase the larger battery and easily install it yourself at home!

This is far cheaper than having to buy a whole new robotic mower.

moebot s series

MoeBot S5/S10 Specifications

  • Main Features

    Warranty: 2 years

    Lawn Size: S5-600m² | S10-1400m²

    Maximum Slope: 30º

    Mobile App: Yes

    Voice Control: No

    Wifi Connected: Yes

    Auto-Charging: Yes

    Auto-Scheduling: Yes

  • Cutting

    Cutting Range: 2.5-5.5cm

    Cutting Width: 18cm

    Cutting System: 3 pivoting cutting blades

  • Battery

    Mowing Time: S5-60mins | S10-120mins

    Charging Time: 60 mins

    Battery Type: Lithium-ion

    Battery Voltage: 22.2V

    Battery Capacity: S5-2.6Ah | S10-5.2Ah

  • Noise

    Noise Output: 65db

  • Safety

    Life Sensor: Yes

    Tilt Sensor: Yes

  • Security

    Pin Code: Yes

    Alarm: Notified via app

    Shut Off: Yes

  • Dimensions

    Size: 500x355x240mm

    Weight: S5-8.4Kg | S10-8.9Kg

moebot s top view

Lawnbot Rating

4.4/5 Stars

MoeBot S5/S10 Performance

So far, the MoeBot is looking very impressive on paper. As the S-series is yet to be released, we haven't tested it in the real world yet. But looking at manufacturer demonstrations and its specifications, we believe the S5/S10 will perform very well on the average Australian lawn.

How Well Does the MoeBot S Cut?

One of the talking points of the MoeBot S5/S10 is it's incredibly powerful 3500rpm cutting blade motor.

Having a robot lawnmower with a powerful motor is essential in Australia as most of our grass species are thicker and more stubborn than the rest of the world.

The manufacturer has demonstrated that the MoeBot S will also cut-to-edge just as well as any other model on the market.

It does this by carefully hovering over the boundary line to snip those hard to reach areas.

However, just like any other robotic mower, you will have to trim the edges of your lawn and hard to reach places from time to time.

MoeBot Mow-to-charge Ratio

The MoeBot S5 will mow your lawn for 60 minutes and require 60 minutes to recharge, while the S10 will mow for 120 minutes and also need around 60 minutes to recharge fully.

Both of these times are very respectable when compared to the rest of the market.

Does the MoeBot Work on Rough Terrain?

With its compact and rugged design, the MoeBot S is definitely is equipped to handle a few bumps in its path.

With a maximum slope of 30°, it won't have much trouble working along angled lawns.

However, like all robotic mowers, the MoeBot S is not a 4x4 and probably won't be climbing over rocks or soccer balls to get to its destination...

See the MoeBot S in action!

MoeBot S10 Vs Worx Landroid WR140E

For this comparison, we'll be using the S10 model as its bigger battery puts it into the class of the Worx WR140E. While both of these models have similar features, they also differ in many ways, let's take a look at what we found...

MoeBot S10 Vs Worx Landroid WR140E: Features

When it comes to features, the S10 and Landroid are fairly similar. Both robot mowers come with auto-scheduling, auto-charging and mobile app control.

However, the Worx Landroid's mobile app is hard to beat, and that's the case in this situation.

While the MoeBot S-series offers a clean, easy-to-use mobile app, the Landroids mobile app is far superior, which is expected since it's been in development for over 5 years now.

MoeBot S10 Vs Worx Landroid WR140E: Maximum Mowing Area

While the Landroid WR140E has a respectable mowing area of 1000m², the MoeBot S10 can cover areas of up to 1400m², which is perfect in Australia as our average lawn size is much larger than the rest of the worlds.

MoeBot S10 Vs Worx Landroid WR140E: Battery Capacity

When compared to the rest of the market, both of these models have a great battery. The Landroid WR140E will mow for 90 minutes and recharge for 60 minutes while the MoeBot will mow for 120 minutes and recharge for around 60 minutes.

MoeBot S10 Vs Worx Landroid WR140E: Safety

Both models are pretty evenly matched in the safety department. Both come with tilt/lift sensors, an instant stop blade and an emergency stop button. Both manufactures definitely care about their customers!

MoeBot S10 Vs Worx Landroid WR140E: Noise

Both of these models are relatively louder than the rest of the market. The Worx Landroid WR140E will sit at around 67db, while the MoeBot is slightly quieter at 65db.

MoeBot S10 Vs Worx Landroid WR140E: Pricing

As you can see, the robot lawnmowers are fairly evenly matched. While the Landroids mobile app is far superior to that of the MoeBot, the S10 has a much larger mowing area. Let's take a look at their price tags to help you decide which mower is best for you...

The Worx Landroid WR140E starts at AU$1799, while the MoeBot S10 will retail at AU$1100. 

The MoeBot S is definitely the more affordable option in this case.

MoeBot S5 review

Should You Buy the MoeBot S5/S10?

Shopping for household appliances can be difficult.

You want something reliable, and high-quality that's going to last a while.

When the price tag is over a few hundred dollars, it really pays to do some extensive market research to save yourself any future pains.

That's why we put this quick list together so you can easily decide whether the MoeBot S belongs in your garden...

Buy It If...

You're looking for an affordable yet powerful robot mower

If you've been looking to enter the robot lawnmower market but can't justify the huge price tags, then the MoeBot S is perfect for you. The MoeBot S5/S10 offers all the features you need at a very affordable price.

You want to automate the chore of mowing the lawn

For most people, mowing the lawn is the last thing you want to do after a long day at work and looking after kids, but it's a household chore that we all have to do.

Owning a robot mower will save you hundreds of hours every year by automating your lawn maintenance.

You have a thick species of grass

Due to it's power 3500rpm motor, the MoeBot S5/S10 is ideal for the thicker species of grass like Buffalo and St. Augustine.

Don't Buy If...

You don't want to maintain your robot mower

Although they work autonomously, robot mowers are still going to require some maintenance from time to time which includes cleaning, replacing blades and repairing the odd boundary wire.

You aren't prepared to set it up properly

After you receive your mower, you're going to need to spend a bit of time setting it up.

This can take a few hours and you'll need to make some tweaks afterwards.

The better you set your MoeBot up, the better it's going to perform.

Your backyard is like a war-zone

While the MoeBot has obstacle detection and bump sensors, it won't perform well if it's having to re-adjust every 2 seconds, your lawn needs to be relatively flat and clear of obstacles for a robot mower to work at its peak.

Best Deals Today:

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MoeBot S5/S10 Shelter


How to Maintain Your MoeBot S5/S10

Maintaining your robotic lawn mower is the key to keeping your lawn looking great and getting the most out of your mower.

Regular maintenance and TLC will add years to its lifespan.

Here are many easy tips to properly maintain your MoeBot S-series...


*Remember to always turn your robotic mower off and remove the battery before conducting any cleaning or maintenance*


Keep Your MoeBot Clean

A basic yet compelling tip, it's important to clean your MoeBot at least once a week, which includes:

  • Clear any excess grass build-up above and below the deck,
  • Wipe down any soil around the control board and sensors
  • Cleaning the wheels of your mower properly
  • Carefully clean any build up on the mower blades

Just by doing some easy routine cleaning, you will see an instant increase in performance.


Make Sure the Mower Blades are Sharp

You're going to have to replace your mower blades every 6-12 weeks depending on your mowing frequency.

Moebot blades

Having sharp blades on your MoeBot will drastically improve performance and outcome.

It will put less strain on your robot's motor while also cutting your lawn with a clean and fresh cut.


MoeBot S5/S10 Unboxing and Video Review

Our Thoughts on MoeBot S5/S10

Overall, the MoeBot S looks like a real competitor in the highly competitive robotic mower market. If the MoeBot performs as well as the manufacturers say it will, then we can see it easily becoming the most popular robotic mower in Australia in the years to come!

Happy mowing!

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