MoeBot S5/S10 Review (2022)

The Australian pocket rocket

By Sean on 27 January 2022
MoeBot S5/S10 Review
Our Verdict
Overall, the MoeBot S5 and S10 models look incredible. What really sticks out is the powerful 3500rpm blade motor, if you live in Australia, you may know how tough and stubborn our grass can be, our most popular species is Buffalo after all.
The MoeBot S series will retail at almost half the price of other robot mowers in its class and just could be the much needed affordable option that will finally crack the Australian market for robotic mowers and household robotics in general. 

Price Range: AU$850-$1000

Max Mowing Area: 600m² | 1400m²

Max Slope: 30º

Battery Life: 60 Mins | 120 Mins

Warranty: 2 Years



+Powerful 3500rpm blade motor

+Auto recharging

+Easy to use mobile app

+Unbeatable pricing


-Slightly noisier than the industry average

MoeBot S-Series Pricing

One of the big talking points of the MoeBot S5/S10 models is the incredibly affordable price tag. Currently on pre-sale, you can order the S5 for AU$850 and the S10 for only AU$990. Needless to say, these are absolutely incredible prices! After pre-sale you'll be able to snag the S5 for AU$990 and the S10 for just AU$1100 making the S-series the most affordable robot mower in it's class. In comparison, the Worx Landroid WR140 model which has similar features to the MoeBot s10 will set you back AU$1800...

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