Worx Landroid Anti-Collision System (ACS)


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Conventional robotic mowers collide with obstacles. Only the Worx Landroid ACS with autopilot technology steers to avoid them. Conventional robotic mowers are blind, bump into objects and can easily get lost.

Daily bumps also damage your trees, plants and garden furniture. Landroid, equipped with the ACS option, avoids all of this: it drives effortlessly through obstacles.

The Android uses automotive grade ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles. This object detection controls the Landroid’s autopilot technology to avoid them.

Why use the anti-collision system?

20/20 vision! Equipped with autopilot technology, Landroid avoids the same obstacles that other robotic lawnmowers encounter.

How it works

Landroid uses automotive-grade ultrasonic sensors to detect and avoid obstacles in its path. In contrast to other lawn mowers, you can navigate your garden without collisions.

Easy installation

Simply remove the module cover on top of the Landroid. Secure the ACS in place with 2 screws to hold it in place. As simple as that!

  • Uses ultrasonic detection to detect and avoid obstacles that other robotic mowers would collide with.
  • Helps Landroid navigate without collisions to avoid damage to trees, patio furniture, and other objects in your yard.
  • By avoiding obstacles, Landroid can better maintain its lawn without breaking its course.
  • Easy to install, just screw it onto the top of your Landroid


*Suitable for all current Landroid models*


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