Worx Landroid Off-Limits Accessory


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The Worx Landroid Off-Limits Module creates a boundary around areas of your lawn without having to connect to your main boundary wire.

It can greatly simplify the installation of Landroid by eliminating the need to surround internal areas with the main perimeter wire. It’s also great for temporarily closed areas of your lawn.

For example, with seasonal equipment like a trampoline, when you move it, you just move the digital fence with it. Or you can change your lawn permanently without disturbing your lawn. Android original boundary wire. Simply place the boundary sensor onboard your Landroid and the surrounding area with a digital fence strip (20m included). This is a great choice for seasonal decorations, patio furniture, and other non-permanent items.

How it Works

The off-limits option consists of two parts: a sensor for your Landroid and a digital fence strip. The Android sensor detects the magnetic stripe you place in the “Off Limits” area and stays away.

Easy installation

Simply place the Off Limits sensor on your Landroid and the surrounding area. No-cut zones with digital fence tape It’s that simple!

  • Magnetic strips create no-cut zones without using the main boundary wire.
  • Perfect for non-permanent seasonal items like trampolines, patio furniture, and fire pits.
  • Easy to install. Just put the Boundary Module in Landroid and place a magnetic stripe around the areas that you don’t want Landroid to enter

What’s Included?

  • 20m magnetic boundary wire
  • 1 x Off-limits module
  • 1 x Receiver
  • 8 x pegs

*Suitable for all current Landroid models*


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