ImOw & His Family Is Getting Death Threat From indian gaming community @ImOw

#ImOw #elfu
Let’s End The Controversy Here.
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19 thoughts on “ImOw & His Family Is Getting Death Threat From indian gaming community @ImOw”

  1. thats why indian pubg mobile community is the most hated community, all of the players there are toxic, dont respect any games

  2. Its just sad reality of Indian gaming community..they are all toxic ..its not fault of any youtuber..try to play valorant and you will know ..what kind of community we are growing

  3. Achha thik hai hum samajhte hai ki ImoW ne apex legends mobile ka ek seat le lia….even if it was only meant for Indians….but a death threat is not acceptable….even he has a family he has to take care of….Indian society ka mentality itna kharab kyun hai😢

  4. Apex first beta support only andrid 11devices which makes the advantage for foreigh ytbers to pre register in india most of the mid and high ends phones got incompatible due to os

  5. I'm just scared that the apex legends mobile community is just gonna get toxic as time passes we know what is the state of PUBGm community and what all happened in the past cause of that . Elfu I know when you made the video 2 months back that must have not been your intention but the Indian audience took it in other way and they started haressing imOw I just hope things like this don't happen again. Guys just keep on supporting each and every content creator . These guys work their asses off to make this content for us and instead of appreciating their efforts some people just want to spread hate and toxicity

  6. bandar ke haatho me mobile pakdane se yahi hota hai, itni si baat ki wajeh se itna kuch karne ki dhamkee, oof bhagwaan bless this youth

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