Toyota and Honda are SHUTTING DOWN Factories in America – Here's Why…

Toyota and Honda are shutting down their factories here in the USA. Today we’ll find out why, and for how long. Also we have tons of other Japanese and Korean auto news to cover today so grab your snacks and drinks and let’s buckle in.


0:00 – Honda, Toyota slammed with shortages
2:21 – Aygo X Concept
4:12 – Kia Stinger 2022 Refresh
6:21 – 22 Hyundai Tucson More details
7:35 – Honda Grass Miimo?

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38 thoughts on “Toyota and Honda are SHUTTING DOWN Factories in America – Here's Why…”

  1. This is the end result of having accountants run industry, their “just in time” approach to parts acquisition works well when there are no problems but bad weather, a pandemic and raw material shortages end up shutting you down. Any money saved is lost due to reduced sales.

  2. If you are from New Zealand then suggest speedup to 1.5 to 2 times speed. No wonder N.A don't get anything done!!!!

  3. The reason is because Europe is eliminating the use of hybrid cars by 202. If Europe does it the other countries will follow ..

  4. Toyota makes boring cars anyways Honda is the way to go The Power Of Dreams. Those Honda/Acura V6 J series engines

  5. Sniffy bidens gang want to destroy the auto industry ,the communistswant us to walk for our bread ration

  6. I guess they're sending them to China. Jobs lost unemployment . What else is going to be sent to China.. what else is going to happen to America. Americans first. That's just a saying. That is just an old saying Americans first. Supposed to be that way but not

  7. Cheaper to build in Mexico, besides the UNION has destroyed labor and manufacturing in the US already. China is taking over without even breaking a sweat 😀

  8. Taisting the Air

    Looks like the cars are down graded, to small, I wouldn't pay more than $3k for this crappy rollerskate. The bigger vehicles are not really big we are going to pay more to get less while they puff it up with more electronics.

  9. ALL of those cars are Uking Fughly! DAMN! Total trash! Junk! Over priced trash cans! You could not PAY me to own one of those junk piles! If this is the kind of garbage that passes for cars today, then America really is dead!

  10. Thanks for the video! You moved from lovely Omaha to Florida? I don’t blame you. Florida was my home state now I’m stuck in Nebraska probably until I retire. 😬🥴😭😅

  11. You know the problem with click bait headlines is sooner or later people will stop clicking. Just ask the boy who cried wolf

  12. Blame on the E.P.A., Radical Left Green Agenda and the Biden Administration and Pres. Biden himself for cutting us off of petroleum supply.

  13. Huge new corporate taxes, and green new deal, thank all democrats, and spineless republicans, for our future.

  14. The dealers love this…..they will screw the buyers with massive price markups. As usual they are intentionally restricting inventory. dealers are not your friend…Oh yea do not forget dealer add ons like useless paint guard and interior fabric guard…and under coating etc……

  15. The supply issues related to Texas is a foam shortage… I have no more details other than it is a foam material. Toyota is also effected by some type of microprocessor shortage related to a plant or warehouse that burned down in Japan. I work at a repack facility related to SEWS (Sumitomo Electric Wiring harnesses) and we are told we will be back to full capacity in another week. 90% of our product is Toyota.

  16. I suspect Toyota's & Honda's quality are both gonna plummet if most of their vehicles sold in the US are gonna be made in Mexico from now on. I'm sure Scotty Kilmer will have something to say about this.

  17. Flaniganskywalker

    Bidens economy–everyone is broke–especially his libs.Maybe biden can give each illegal a new car on our dime..Wait till gas is 5 dollars a gallon this summer–adios car industry.

  18. michael stuthers

    Is shutting down the Keystone xL Pipeline helping to cause this problem? And maybe the Dakota pipeline will be shut down. Petrochemicals? Ford is shutting down, I believe, a plant in Ohio, and moving the operation to Mexico. good luck and God bless everyone.

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