6 thoughts on “グラスミーモ モニターインタビュー映像”

  1. Surely a pair of kama is more fun…? Or a scythe? =Free gym and no moving parts to break, no batteries that need rare minerals, no LCD/LED displays that will eventually fail and need costly disposals. I generally love what you guys make, but this almost certainly gets a no. Unless there is a "Fireblade" version in HRC colours, of course! (FireBLADE, Kama, lawnmower, => cutting 😉 )

  2. I'm gonna have to comment on the Honda Jokes here just because there's lawnmowers made from Honda.
    Enough with the Civic Jokes.
    Its cringe now.
    Just in case y'all try anything

  3. あるホテルで庭を縦横無尽に動き回る芝刈りロボットを見かけましたが、農業に転用すると沢山のメリットがあるのですね‼︎ 目のつけどころが素晴らしいと思います☆

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