3 Essential Lawn Care Tools & Tasks

Keeping your lawn beautiful and healthy is not as easy as it sounds. You have many important tasks to do. It would help if you also had the right tools, knowledge, and skills to ensure a stunning garden year-round.

Over time, you can learn to take care of your outside space. Also, you’ll need to invest in the correct tools…What are they? Let’s take a look!

Basic Lawn Maintenance Tools

These tools are basic yet effective. By owning these few garden tools, you’re able to do 95% of the jobs that you may come across while maintaining your lawn and garden and keeping it in pristine condition!

Lawn Mower:

Basically, you can’t have a lawn without having the right lawnmower. Be sure to invest in a high-quality one. It’s important to always choose quality of price. The difference between buying a high-quality mower and buying a cheap branded mower can be huge.  Expect the best quality ones to cost a little more.

A robot mower is perfect for keeping your lawn healthy, and it only cuts a little bit off at a time. Doing this does cause too much damage to your lawn while it also leaves small grass clippings, which act as fertiliser for your lawn. Best of all? It’s completely automated! No more spending hours outside mowing the lawn while you’d rather be watching the football!


This tool is designed to trim the edges of your lawn that your mower can’t reach. Before purchasing, it’s best to know its pros and cons, similar to the lawn mower, buying a better quality trimmer will result in better results, less maintenance and a long life of the tool.


This helps break up very thatch, stems, and roots that may collect between the surface of the soil and the lawn leaves. The gaps between the depth of penetration of the leaves and the leaves can be easily adjusted to adapt to different types of grass.

You should invest a few other tools in including a rake, shovel, shears, and a good pair of leather gloves, especially if you have a large outdoor area to deal with.


Basic Lawn Maintenance Tasks

By doing these easy tasks, your lawn and garden will instantly look 10 times better than before. Your lawn will also become more healthy the more you maintain it properly.


With a proper cut, you can keep your lawn healthy and vibrant at all times. Always mow no more than 2cm the length of the blade of grass. Also, avoid mowing when the grass is wet, as this can spread disease and clog your mower. Most importantly, alternate your patterns as this will help keep the lawn from tipping over.


Irrigate your lawn regularly, depending on the different seasons and the climate zone. 2-3 Days. Of course, you should water it more often in the summer.


The best way to keep weeds out is to keep your lawn healthy. This allows you to maintain unwanted critters and weeds. If you see some weeds start to grow, treat them right away. Please don’t wait for them to ripen as they may be more difficult to handle.

It is important to know these basics. However, if you are busy, it means you don’t have time. Let your experts take care of your lawn.

Happy gardening!

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