450X EPOS & 450XH EPOS Automowers Are Here! And HERE Is What You Need To Know About Them!

In early 2023 Husqvarna released the 450X EPOS and 450XH EPOS as their “residential” models of EPOS Automowers. For those of you not familiar with the EPOS models, these are the Automower models that do not use a boundary wire to define their working area. The EPOS models use GPS satellites and a reference station to define their boundaries. Husqvarna has had the 550 EPOS and 550H EPOS models available for a few years now, but specified that they would only work properly in mowing areas that met the requirements for the mowers to maintain constant satellite signal. Maintaining that signal to the mower from the GPS satellite and the reference station was the hang up when trying to use the 550 EPOS and 550H EPOS mowers in residential settings. So what is the difference between the 550 EPOS mowers and the 450 EPOS mowers? Well, the 550’s are orange and the 450’s are gray. That is pretty much it. It’s the same boards, software, technology, motors, etc in the 550 and 450 EPOS models. They both use the same reference stations as well. Now there was a software update in early 2023 for all of the EPOS models that gave them systematic mowing (striping) capability and also improved the signal reception which gave the existing and new EPOS mowers the ability to work better around buildings and objects that they struggled around in the past. Want to know more about the EPOS Automowers? Then be sure to subscribe to this channel and check out this page on our website:

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5 thoughts on “450X EPOS & 450XH EPOS Automowers Are Here! And HERE Is What You Need To Know About Them!”

  1. You and Husqvarna are being very cautious about what they can and can’t do. I understand that. It would suck to buy one and it didn’t do what you thought it could.
    I will say that I have one and it doesn’t need line of sight, it works under trees, on the other side of buildings, and even over a hill from the reference station. Biggest limitation I see is GPS straight to the mower but that works on about anything short of under a forest or a narrow passage between two buildings.

  2. We've Just done three 550 Epos units all brand new stock have come with the 5 blade heads, we have also ordered some 5 blade heads for our other older 550 units as we've found the 3 blade heads struggle on much bigger areas

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