18 thoughts on “4th Summer Review – Worx Landroid – Long Term Owner Opinions”

  1. Thanks for the advice. I think I'll wait until these things get a bit smarter before investing in one. Right now it seems to be the equivalent of the earliest roombas that seem to do nothing but hump walls.

  2. Most lithium batteries have a charging life of about 1000 charges and can be less than that if they get discharged too deeply or over charged to too high of voltage. These parameters are set by the charger an depending on how aggressive they were in the charging design it could be as low as 500 charges so if you got 4 seasons out of them my guess is your battery is probably done 😒

  3. The charge port usually gets a broken wire. Simple to solder and repair. Parts are available as well. Just bought one for $50 and replaced a dead battery and dead PSU ($50 each).
    My boundary wire sensor was also broken (same part as the charger) so that’s another $50.
    But it’s fixable, and for yours I guess it’s just the battery, and you can probably just solder or splice one single cable on the charge port and it’s up and running again.

  4. I loved Jose proofing my yard. I found myself fixing holes and doing landscaping projects instead of cutting the lawn. Now my yard looks so put together. I never had the time before to make my yard look polished until Landroid arrived. I named mine Taylor Swift because I know she would never cut my grass. Now she has to. I also couldn’t imagine letting my Landroid not run for a day. It is like a best friend to me next to my roomba.

  5. Ya say "near the end of summer", which insinuates you have winter.
    Appropriate winter storage is crucial to these amazing yet finicky batteries.
    Storage at 60% charge is suggested, much like you get them new.
    Winter exercise is recommended too, some use and partial recharge.
    Is it not a 20v tool battery readily available for under $100?
    Good to hear it's a worthy buy, been on the fence about one for the backyard.
    Best of luck for revival of Mr Jose!
    There's probably a few YouTube videos on "jump starting" the battery to give it a charge, I'm not at all familiar with Worx products, so I don't know if the BMS is in the battery or not? Some tool batteries with a Battery Maintenance System on board won't activate the charger until a certain voltage is available within the battery.

  6. Just got a landroid L. Thanks for your review. We looked for a GPS model. The only one I saw available for consumers is the Toadi. Are there any others that can mow 1/3 acre or more?

  7. Not sure if the GPS one operates similar to the Roomba or not but if so, I'll say it works pretty well. Consistent and accurate for mapping out the house and staying where it's supposed to without having to put up any sort of border anywhere. You create virtual borders from the app on your phone to keep it from going anywhere you don't want it to.

    Anyways, great video. I'm a huge fan!

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