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1. Garden Genie gloves


3. Zortis Aerator Shoes

4. Quick Cut Harvester

5. Hozelock 2976 (Preview)

6. Greenworks G40GC

7. DURANOM Durable Venom

8. Einhell GE-CR 30 Li-Solo

9. Sherpa STWV58L

10. Fiskars Weed Pullers

00:00 – Garden Genie gloves
01:10 – GARDENA SILENO Minimo
02:12 – Zortis Aerator Shoes
03:10 – Quick Cut Harvester
04:08 – Hozelock 2976 (Preview)
04:40 – Greenworks G40GC
05:39 – DURANOM Durable Venom
06:45 – Einhell GE-CR 30 Li-Solo
07:31 – Sherpa STWV58L
08:35 – Fiskars Weed Pullers

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  1. FOOLS and their money are soon parted !!
    This is some of THE most OVERPRICED hi maint. JUNK I have ever seen !!

  2. As someone who works at a garden center, none of these are necessary. A lot of the advertising is a bit misleading, especially the gloves and the mower. Didn't even see the mower mowing in the video. I guess some of these like the cart and the weeder are alright for people who want to spend money on things that help with back pain.

  3. If you wanted to show a lawnmower it should have actually cut the lawn. A remote control car is nothing special.

  4. Is about time that a garden vacuum was invented, I think lots of people will be happy not to bend down pick up the leafs.

  5. The price for Duranom durable venom. Is not correct.They sell for about 30 bucks.On Amazon.Sold under a different name but it’s the exact same tool.

  6. Saulo Gabriel Montanaro Rosa

    Manufacture of new garden engineering are at a level is very well served very well served

  7. Saulo Gabriel Montanaro Rosa

    News Inventors of news tools of Gardening this very engouth spetaculary very well Spetacular others present in Techzone

  8. I have the Greenworks battery wheelbarrow, works awesome. Have loaded with sand, dirt, cinder blocks, and retaining wall blocks. My ground is uneven and has slopes, saves my back. Only change I would make is a wider back wheel, or maybe 2 wheels. May install them myself. Battery works in multiple devices I own. Getting a second battery this summer so I can use other tools at the same time.

  9. I've got something like the weed puller at the end.
    Quite fun and quick compared to doing it with your hands.

  10. And soon there will be no need to walk and get exercise….. I spoke too quickly because next are yard aeration Sandler lol. The Sandler are much less expensive than the robotic mower….

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