Ambrogio 4.0 Basic | An articulated robotic mower with multiple power options

Ambrogio’s 4.0 Basic model is ideal for homeowners looking for a simple, reliable robot that can adapt to changes. Its flexible yet solid and safe design enables the installation of three different types of Power Units, allowing it to transform from a robot for small to medium-sized lawns (up to 0.25 acres with the Light Power Unit, or up to 0.35 acres with Medium Power Unit) to a solution that covers up to 0.55 acres (with Power Unit Premium). With brushless motors, rubber profile wheels, and soft bumpers, this innovative robot will meet all sort of needs. Equipped with a Bluetooth Receiver that can be independently controlled by a dedicated smartphone app. This new design also allows greater autonomy: with a deck engineered around the blade, it provides quick and safe self-cleaning.

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Also available in a HIGH-CUT version:


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