Ambrogio Robot L15 | Small, gutsy and unique!

The new L15 Deluxe model is small, light, easily transportable, silent, and comes with a futuristic design. It was created for small gardens which need a flawless cutting of the grass and easy installation system. The efficient work cycles allow covering the area in a rapid and accurate way. In addition, state-of-the-art processors, brushless motors, lithium-ion batteries and 18 cm blade allow the Ambrogio L15 Deluxe robot to manage up to 4 separate areas. Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, the robot can be programmed and managed via the Ambrogio Remote APP. Ambrogio L15 Deluxe is perfect for those who want a simple robot, without renouncing high technology locked up in only 42 cm and no more than 7 kg!

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