Ambrogio Robot QUAD Elite | No Limit | Up to 75% slopes!

QUAD Elite is the new lawnmower robot of the line Ambrogio dedicated to lawns with slopes up to 75%. Thanks to its 4 driving, electric-steering wheels and 10Ah battery, the robot can handle uphill and humps extremely steep and is also very performing close to the sloping edge (up to 65%). QUAD Elite is equipped with a special RADAR sensor, which lets the robot learn where the obstacle is located with no need of wire around the obstacle.

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1 thought on “Ambrogio Robot QUAD Elite | No Limit | Up to 75% slopes!”

  1. Artificially Intelligent

    This looks fantastic, but it seems crazy that it doesn't have some better way of navigation, like vision. It'd be a lot more accurate than GPS. Plus, it sounds like it cuts in spirals? Why not straight lines?

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