Best Cordless Mowers! (2021 Mower Buyer's Guide)

Best Cordless Mowers! (2021 Mower Buyer’s Guide)
Ryobi Mowers:
DeWALT Mowers:
Hart Mowers:
GreenWorks Mowers:
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Ego Mowers:
Kobalt Mowers:

$109 Kobalt Mower!

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20 thoughts on “Best Cordless Mowers! (2021 Mower Buyer's Guide)”

  1. Nothing wrong with electric but don't be naive and think it's better for the environment. Mining lithium and the process of turning it into a battery plus deposing of it does way more environmental damage than fossil fuel

  2. I have over 60 people working for me in the lawn care industry, and I can say with all my heart. Electric mowers are not there yet. They are not producing enough power to lift the grass blade and cut it, sure they may smell better, sure they may have less maintenance. But if they don’t cut well, then it’s a waste of time and money. We bought the kobalt 40V mowers for some of our smaller clients lawns. Had several complaints saying it didn’t cut the lawn. Ended up have to go see this lawn. And sure enough it was not cut. Ended up giving them a full refund and selling the kobalt mowers. Another bad thing about electric is the price. For a homeowner, I can go guy a toro time master 30 inch for around $1,100. Or I could spend $800+ on one that doesn’t cut the grass. And I can also go but a 25 inch Honda hrx 217 for around $500-$650 that cuts wonderful. Not there yet guys.

  3. Your review is so great. I was arriving to the same conclusion right before I hit your video on YouTube. You definitely helped me to make my mind. Thank you for this great products review.

  4. I have a Kobalt 80V it's 3 years old and it's act up so going and buying a nee mower and it will be gas for multiple reasons 1 is cut electric and doesn't have enough torque to get a blade of grass to stand up so you need up with highs and low spots. Is price you can get a good gas push mower for around $500 . There is no reason you shouldn't be able to get 10 or more with oil changes and they don't take much oil. The electric after 5 years you're going to have to replace the batteries that's going to cost you between $100 to #500 depending on the mower you bought

  5. You glossed over Greenworks, but then you mention how many of the other brands are likely just rebadged Greenworks. Without saying it, you showed how good of a product the Greenworks mower really is. If other companies want to slap their name on it, then there must be something to it. Right?

    Interestingly, when you mention the rebadged Greenworks mowers, to gush over how those companies, e.g. Kobalt, Atlas, etc, have a great line of tools. Guess what? They're all Greenworks, too!

    You didn't talk down about Greenworks, but you didn't do them justice either. If all those other companies didn't want to invest their money in R&D for their very own line of mowers and tools and chose to put their money in someone else' product, and Greenworks was the main one everyone chose, then you have to put Greenworks on the map, right there with Ego and Ryobi as the 3 main players in the cordless mower and outdoor tool arena.

    Full disclosure, I just bought the Greenworks 40v 21" (not self-propelled, don't need it) mower as well as the blower/vacuum and 13" trimmer. I'm impressed with the tools I bought. Fan boy? Not yet. I haven't had them long enough. I bought an extra charger (a Greenworks), for $25 and two extra 6ah batteries (not Greenworks) for $50/ea. Total price for all that was just north of $700.

    Speaking of batteries, by not talking extensively about Greenworks (like you did for Ryobi, Kobalt and Hart) you failed to bring attention to the line of batteries for Greenworks tools that are made by (or at least sold by) other companies that are easily half the price, if not more, than the same batteries with the Greenworks name. Do any of the other brands have that available? Heck, you never mentioned how much batteries and chargers are for any of the lines. The only comment that came close was your comparison of that "budget" Kobalt kit, saying that the battery and charger were worth almost as much as the whole package.

    Anyone who gets into a line of outdoor tools is going to need/want extra batteries at some point. And if a normal day's yardwork is going to take multiple batteries, why not have multiple chargers to keep you going instead of waiting? Why not talk about how much they cost for each brand as a talking point about which line may be better in that regard. It could be the deal breaker for some folks and the final feather in the cap for others.

    This was a pretty good review. There was a lot of good information for people to base their decisions on. Even so, there was still more information that you could have included. You're The Bear, for crying out loud. You're known for having all the info. You kinda missed it with this one.

  6. Great vid , I have the 21 inch self propelled EGO ! What a machine !!! Already 4 years old , battery is still strong 💪
    This thing self discharges to storage voltage when not in use for a long time which means the battery lasts for years.
    The Tesla of mowers 😎

  7. I think your analysis is pretty good. I wonder though, how well the new battery-powered lawn mowers are at mulching leaves. They appear to have less torque, suction, and power than a traditional gas-powered lawn mower. Just a thought. They should be able to handle grass though. 🙂

  8. I'm a new home owner in need of a lawn mower – preferably electric. It's heartbreaking to see all the prices you guys mentioned are now $50-200 more today in 2022 – on top of having just paid an insane amount for a house.

  9. Does anyone know of a cordless mower that can be charged by plugging the mower in directly instead of unhooking the batteries every time? I feel like that would be more convenient but I am not sure how much anyone feels like that can become a hassle.

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