5 Best Robot Mowers Australia

Find all the best robotic lawnmowers on the Australian market right here...

best robot mowers australia

#1 | Worx Landroid

#2 | Moebot S Series

#3 | Gardena Sileno Life

#4 | Husqvarna Automower 115H

#5 | Swift RM18

Best Robot Mowers Australia

The best robot lawn mowers will have your lawn looking amazing without any effort on your part, so we’ve rounded up the very best robot mowers in Australia.

The best robot mowers are available from many huge brands including Honda, Stihl, Husqvarna, and more.

All of these automatic mowers have one thing in common, they all stop the need for doing that boring chore we all dislike, mowing the lawn.

Unlike regular mowers, these robotmowers get the job done with little to no effort on your behalf, you can just set it up and forget about it!

Many robot lawn mowers are fitted with a smart mapping feature that gets to know your property over time.

You can even program your lawnbot not to go to specific areas to avoid any damage or to prevent it from venturing into your vege garden.

Once set up, you can sit back and relax while it takes care of everything!

What sets the best automatic mowers apart from the rest?

There are quite a few things to take into account when choosing your robot lawnmower, these include battery life, yard size capability, smartphone compatibility, and how good their obstacle detection system is.

Many of the models below can also be controlled by using your smartphone.

This allows your to activate/deactivate your mower, and to see what it's been getting up to during the day.

For most people, having a device that automatically trims your lawn and keeps it looking neat and tidy while you're at work is a perfect accessory to have in your shed.

This can save hours of time every week and is one less thing to worry about in today's extremely fast-paced world.

Without further ado, let's jump into our list of the best robot lawn mowers in Australia!

1. Worx Landroid M1000 WR140E

The king of robot mowers

4.7/5 Stars
worx landroid wr140e m1000 review

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+Great mobile app

+Auto charging

+Completely configurable by the app

+Set custom cutting height

+Smart navigation system


-Can get caught on uneven surfaces

-Relatively noisy compared to other models


Working area - 1000m²

Cutting range - 3-6cms

Maximum slope - 21°

Wifi connected - Yes

Battery life - 120 mins

Charging time - 90 mins

Lift sensor - Yes

Noise output - 67dB


The Worx Landroid M1000 WR140E is definitely the best lawnbot for Australians. Perfectly cutting your lawn to your set cutting length while you relax.

Worx isn't as big as their competitor giants like Honda, Husqvarna, and Stihl, but they have perfected the art of robot mower technology and it really shows.

The Landroid M1000 is perfect for property sizes of up to 1000m², while the larger model Landroid L1500 can cut up to 1500m² for those of you with a larger-sized lawn.

The thing that really sets the Worx m1000 apart from its competitors is its incredible mobile app.

You can configure your operating schedule, grass cutting height, set no-go zones, and even select your grass species in order to get the best cut for your lawn!

We were impressed at its ability to identify and avoid obstacles, being trees, dog toys, and even thin garden furniture legs.
This is all thanks to its intelligent anticollision system (ACS). The two large spiked rear wheels prevent it from getting stuck on slippery surfaces or mud.
Our Verdict
Overall, the Worx Landroid is the best robot mower in Australia and the Worx team has proven that it can out-compete its larger competitors by specializing in a specific product! 

2. Moebot S5/S10

The Australian Pocket Rocket

4.7/5 Stars
MoeBot S5/S10 Review