Bosch Indego Installation: Replacing the battery

In this video, we show you how to replace the Indego battery.

Indego is a smart and efficient robotic lawnmower designed to effortlessly deliver beautiful lawns of up to 700 m². Thanks to LogiCut intelligent navigation, Indego is able to cut efficiently in neat, parallel lines, freeing up your lawn sooner whilst keeping it looking healthy and lush. LogiCut is up to 59% faster than random navigation*, saving energy in every run and being kinder to the battery.

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*Dependent upon model. Based on tests conducted under the Bosch lawnmower simulation tool using EGMF performance standards for a 196 m² lawn.

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3 thoughts on “Bosch Indego Installation: Replacing the battery”

  1. This video does not tell the full story! Neither the manual nor this video makes it clear that the assembly that the battery plugs into lifts away from the internals of the mower for battery removal/insertion. Note that in the video the left hand does not move, it stays in place holding the assembly clear of the internals whilst the replacement battery is retrieved by the right hand.


    If your assembly is not unclipped from the mower, gently pull and wiggle it out. The replacement is easy, but you must do this first.

    Thank you, Bosch, please pass back to a) your design team that this scores 1 out of 10 for consumer-friendly design, and b) your documentation team – please get them to get some training from a company that really knows how to write documentation for consumers of all levels… LEGO would be a good starting point! Do you field test your documentation with consumers to see if they can manage to follow the instructions?

    Finally, I wasted a whole hour faffing-around ('herumfummeln'?) trying to sort this out. With the correct information, this replacement is a 2-minute job! Thanks for wasting my time!

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