Bosch Indego M 700/S+500/XS 300 Robot Lawn Mower – How to set up the robot – Manufacturer’s video

If you are looking for a cutting tool for the maintenance of your small-sized outdoor area, the Bosch Indego robot lawn mower represents the ideal solution. Very quiet and smart, this machine combines high performances and mowing finishing.

These robots offer the possibility not to collect grass while mowing using the mulching cutting system. This process determined by the mulching system allows distributing grass clippings evenly for a fertilised, healthy lawn. Thus, it also let to the reduction of the loss of moisture coming from the soil.

Standard-supplied boundary wire and fixing pegs, which allow the product installation without any requirement for specific assistance. Indeed, once the Operator has proceeded delimiting the working perimeter of the defined lawn area, he will just need to start the Robot lawn mower.

Indego does not require any particular programming, as you will just need to touch a button on the handy LCD display, and your robot lawn mower will start mowing the lawn completely autonomously. When the mowing operations will be completely ended, the practical tool will independently return to its side-loading charging station.

The brushless motor is powered by a 18V 2.5 Ah battery,which ensures a running time of 75 minutes. Additionally, the Indego robot lawn mower allows adjusting the cutting height from 30 mm to 50 mm. It is also intended to work on slopes (up to 27%).

Major strengths of the robot lawn mower

LogiCut Technology: LogiCut smart navigation: it allows mapping the lawn area to get the highest cutting results.
Cutting operations in the proximity of the lawn edges: It ensures a well-kept lawn and neat finish.
Detection of the obstacles Thanks to the smart bump sensors, Indego enables the possibility to easily detect obstacles and move around them to continue its planned cutting route.
Brushless Motor: it reduces friction and ensures an improved efficiency and longer durability of the robot lawn mower.
Multiarea function: this function allows managing different cutting areas, which are independent one another, that are connected through a driveway or a stretch of grass, and go back once ended the mowing operations in each area.

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