19 thoughts on “Bosch Indego Robot Lawn Mower S+ 350 Installation and use”

  1. Wonderful video, very helpful. Thank you so much for making and sharing. I am looking for a new robot lawnmower, and this one is at the top of my shortlist. Do you mind sharing your long-time user experience?

  2. Thank you for your video. You have two places with lawn. How many squre meters the first zone and second zone? Does Indego cut to lawn in the between two wires? (passageway)

  3. Perfekt vielen dank für das Video, ich habe eben noch komplexeren Garten und war bisher nicht durch wie er Engstellen wie bei ihnen findet. Jetzt kann ich sicher sein dass dieser am besten für mich ist. Ein Random Mäher würde mir wohl nichts bringen.

  4. Love the video. How very delightful to watch and follow your journey into the world of robot lawn mowing. Very informative. Thank you. Might pick one up myself : )

  5. Last week I installed a 350 and I recognize all your comments during the mapping and mowing. The sound during mowing is the same, it is normal because the knives are flexibly mounted and I think this causes the rattling noise when they hit the gras.

  6. Great indeed if you have not had any technical issues! I assumed instantly that those wires going over the congrete, are too close with each others. Isn´t it 75cm the minimum distance between those. I´ve 400 connect, not so flat yard with many plantings and 390 squre meters, not a recommended entity to indego.. And btw, GREETINGS FROM FINLAND!

  7. That Sound is terrible! Is that the normal Sound of the Robot? Or is there something wrong with bis Knifes? I Bought one just 1 day ago and i m scared.
    Greetings from Germany!

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