Bosch Rotak 370 ER Assembly Instructions and Unboxing 🛠 No Tools Needed

Bosch Rotak 370 ER assembly instructions and unboxing. Some assembly required when you get it home, but fear not, it’s easy DIY with NO tools needed 👍
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7 thoughts on “Bosch Rotak 370 ER Assembly Instructions and Unboxing 🛠 No Tools Needed”

  1. Hi A Great Video.
    Just one thing, I have a 10 year old ROTAK so knew about most assembly things. However like many others, on assembly of this one, the black power cable attachment caused all sorts of problems, (at least 10 minutes) trying to work out how and where to fit it. There is a hole on both the black cable fitting and the mower upright but no fixing point for it. Fitting it is absolutely nowhere on the assembly instructions supplied. The very latest one I downloaded from the Bosch website incorporate your solution. Regarding the handles BOSCH currently show them the wrong way down, so, Overall the assembly instructions are absolutely appalling leaving the customers in 29 countries totally confused. Several YouTube assembly videos from such countries confirm this. It would be great if you could leave the shot of this part on the screen for a bit longer and explain it more, possibly in the video heading !!.
    I do wish that they hadn't abandoned the separate lead as, using an extension lead with a plug socket, is in my opinion highly dangerous. Waterproof/resistant extension leads are far safer.

  2. how i got here i dont know, but i do like the look of the handles on that mower, definately look like they would work better how you have them, surely they would be too low if they were underneath..guess Bosch know best!

  3. Brilliant channel, I've already subscribed for your excellent spa tutorials, its so nice to see other products and you think of others/telling people about it. Such a good guy 🙂

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