Can robotic lawn mower ACTUALLY do the job? I tested the Worx Landroid L

It’s official – Robotic lawn mowers are here and they are INSANE! Mowing the lawn on the weekend can now be left up to these autonomous vehicles while you …


20 thoughts on “Can robotic lawn mower ACTUALLY do the job? I tested the Worx Landroid L”

  1. How close does it get the the edge? I don't mind trimming the very edge with a strimmer just like I have to with a traditional mower, but I have read these only cut up to 20cm to the edge which seems a big gap to leave and would put me off getting one.

  2. I owned several of these but I still have to pay a lawn care person to come and maintenance the machines and correct any imperfections that may occur while cutting the grass. Personally the only reason why I bought these machines was to see them moving across my lawn whenever I am Outdoors. With that said people need to realize that you will still have to pay for lawn care service to maintenance these machines.

  3. This just looks so terrible from the point of veiw of someone actually in lawncares the machine looks extremly cheap. Why do the blades look like tiny razors. What haopens with the grass cliooings. And soooo many more questions anyone who is falling for this device please do your research first and dont just impulsivly buy it after watching this video furst

  4. They are great if you have realistic expectations, the flatter and less zones your lawn has the better it will work. They work really well in a single large open area. I own two, one for the back and one for the front, that way it doesn't have to be out there all day. I have a quarter acre minus the house and garage. I have the one in the front set for 1 hour 6 days a week and the one in the back set for 3 hours 6 days per week. I give them Sunday off so they can sleep in or go to church. I don't want them becoming upset and running off with the neighbors Roomba.

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