Cleaning & Maintaining Worx Landroid – How long does it take?

Here we see in real-time how long it takes to perform regular maintenance of your Worx Landroid robot lawn mower. It’s recommended to perform regular maintenance every 2 – 3 months. Whilst this video covers the s300 model, it’s also applicable to all other Worx Landroid models e.g. the cut to edge m500 and m700.

In this video I cover the best approach of cleaning the underside and top of the robot lawn mower. In addition blade replacement and the benefits of constructing a Landroid garage to protect your mower from the elements and to maintain charging efficiency. Remember also to update your firmware version via the app if a new release is available.

My Worx Landroid is based in my UK garden and replacement blades come with the mower and are also readily available. The mower garage featured was constructed with pallet wood and roofing felt.

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0:00 Introduction
0:06 Battery Removal
0:14 Remove Cutting Blades
0:46 Underside Cleaning
1:09 Wheel Cleaning
1:17 Replace New Blades
1:41 Top Cleaning
1:57 Battery Replacement
2:09 Landroid Garage
2:24 Dock Levelling
2:57 Dock Cleaning
3:09 Grass Trimming
3:26 Winter Storage
3:35 Update Firmware

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6 thoughts on “Cleaning & Maintaining Worx Landroid – How long does it take?”

  1. Did your model have a blade guard? I have the M version (WR147) and am curious if I can modify it to mow lower than the 1.5" (38.1mm) minimum. Haven't looked at the machine in detail to see how I can achieve this, but was hoping to 3D print a blade plate, or the like to lower as much as possible. My grass type does very well when mowed lower. My regular mower will mow 1" and reel mower down to 0.5". Hoping to modify my lowest height of cut if I can safely first before considering hursq. mowers that mow 0.8". Thank for the vid!

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