Complete Guide to Purchasing the Best Robotic Mower 2024

In this video, I’ll share 6 simple steps to help you choose the best robotic mower for your lawn. I’ll cover everything from understanding your lawn’s size and shape to choosing the right features and accessories. With my tips, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and find the perfect robotic mower for your needs. Don’t waste any more time or money on a mower that isn’t suitable for you – watch my video and make the right choice today!

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0:00 Intro
0:21 Step 1 – Lawn & Deck Size
3:27 Step 2 – Robotic Mower Technology
7:28 Step 3 – Lawn Terrain & Slopes
8:41 Step 4 – Cutting Height Range & Number
9:58 Step 5 – Robotic Mower Features
11:51 Step 6 – Robotic Mower Price
13:03 Final Thoughts
13:34 Conclusion

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25 thoughts on “Complete Guide to Purchasing the Best Robotic Mower 2024”

  1. I'm really liking the Luba especially as the 2 is out now. My only issue is no UK dealer so support or returns may seem crazy. Any thoughts on this as i hate only on-line chat bots that you cant detail the any nuances of a issue.

  2. On all these robot lawnmowers one time they tell us they’re good the next time they tell us they’re no good for the price of them. They should be very good.

  3. Wow, I've been searching for a wireless robot lawn mower for so long! This Segway Navimow seems like the perfect fit. I love how it eliminates the need for perimeter wires, making it so convenient and hassle-free. I've heard it's also really efficient and delivers precise cuts. Definitely giving it a go!

  4. I've just purchased the little Drop and Go Lawnmaster as my back lawn is a tad over 100sqm. 8 sq metres in fact. It's replacing a Flymo 1200r that I've had since 2018 and has never let me down. Apart from last week when it kept stopping showing the error 'front collision' I'd flip the lid, press start, close the lid and off it would go again until it bumped into the apple tree then it would stop and show the same error. I contacted the main Husqvarna/Flymo dealer in mid Cornwall where I take it every year to be serviced before it goes into short winter hibernation and they told me they no longer deal with Flymo robotics as Husqvarna have changed the software and they can't test Flymo's anymore. But they did try to see me a new Husqvarna for almost £1,000. So I rang Flymo's technical dept and they told me that Husqvarna (their parent company) have not changed the software but that the Flymo main dealers who used to service/repair Flymo robotic mowers are telling all their customers the same story because they don't want to service Flymo robotic mowers anymore as they can make more money by just repairing/servicing the more expensive Husqvarna robots. I haven't confronted the Flymo dealer, but I won't be going to them any time soon as I think this is a shocking way to treat customers. In fact there are no Flymo dealers in the whole of Cornwall that will service or repair Flymo robotic mowers, nor in South and West Devon. So anyone who has a Flymo robot or thinking of buying one, I'd recommend selling it and getting another brand, preferably not Husqvarna as that would be playing into the greedy dealers hands. So now I have my Flymo 1200r which probably just needs the front rubber shocks replacing or something simple that is now no good because the dealers won't touch it as it's a Flymo. Sadly it's not feasible to send it back to Flymo for repair even if it were possible, which I don't think it is. To say I'm angry is an under statement. My 1200r has been a fantastic machine and run every day apart from 2 months over winter, every year since 2018. I will miss it.

  5. Great video, thank you. My rear lawn is around 1000sqm, but I cant justify spending Luba money. I'm actually considering 3 lawnmaster L10s. 1 for the front lawn of around 200sqm and 2 for the rear lawn, each with their own 500sqm zones.
    Do you forsea any issues with running 2 on a single lawn? Provided the boundry wires are correct I don't inagine it being a problem.

  6. Great videos Mark!
    Seriously considering the Luba, how good is the quality of cut in appearance, I currently use a Hater rotary with Roller which when cut the grass does look good, for a few days anyway!

  7. Excellent video – thanks very much. My question, if I may, is can I get a robot lawnmower to dock just off the lawn itself? I want the lawnmower to park itself at the side of the lawn so that it's mostly out of sight, and where my boys won't trip over it playing football or running around.

  8. A couple of additional thoughts which I dont think have been included in your excellent video:

    The first is that, in general, robot mowers which utilise a boundary wire or which rely upon visual navigation, cut in a random pattern while those which use GPS (or similar) are able to cut in a predictable pattern. This is important because a predictable pattern looks nicer (you can have pseudo stripes, for instance) and the cutting efficiency is far better (a whole garden can be cut more quickly – ie. not randomly). Obviously, GPS based control costs more up front and, in some cases, has ongoing data charges over the air to maintain accurate position and to not repeat cuts which were done on previous days.

    The second consideration is ongoing support. The cheapest mower models can sometimes be considered as throw away items. As the price increases it's nice to think that somebody will be there to fix or replace it and this is certainly true for the middle range units. A number of the most expensive mowers come from well known manufacturers who have local dealerships to which you can take the mower if it packs up or if it doesn't respond to firmware updates or functional issues. Some, however, come via a web transaction and are supplied by small start up companies who have a strong web presence but no local support. Your only help is via forum or YouTube and in the worst case you may need to box up the unit and ship it away for repair. These units can be quite large and relatively heavy and you could be stuck without a mower for a long time.

    In my case I purchased an RTK based mower from a well known manufacturer and a local dealership who treat me well. I had a number of minor issues at the start – nothing serious – and the dealership arranged for a support manager to visit and sort things out. Since then the mower has been excellent.

    Prior to purchase my wife thought that this was a bit of a "big boys toy". Within a few days, a little bit or swearing (from me) while programming the boundaries, and the area manager visit, the mower was nicely installed and we both love it. We cut about 0.6 of an acre – much of it an irregular shape. While costly to buy, the time saving is immense and we are both delighted with our purchase.

    For a reasonable sized garden they really are a game changer!

  9. My flymo robot mower stopped working straight after the end of the guarantee. Did the straightforward things, battery change and voltage check with multimeter. Website and helpline give a long list of agents but none that I have called (I have called lots) do repairs. So bear in mind you might be replacing it after 3 years. Guess it depends if you think that is good value or not….

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