DOPE AF! Hudson Star Greens Mower

This is the big reveal. I know I tease you guys for a while about what mower I was going to get, and this little baby has been on my radar for a long time. Take a look at the link below if you’d like to find out more about them. You need to plan on spending some money if you were going to go this route, but I guarantee you won’t find anything that will roll smoother or cut cleaner than the Hudson Star.

I will likely get into the story of the company later on, because it’s definitely worth sharing about. Here’s the thing, this machine is light, easy to handle, stripes the grass, cuts perfectly clean, and requires almost no Maintenance. This particular unit is there a PGA model, it cuts down to 3/32 of an inch and will have the ball rolling so fast at that level.

The other equipment that I have in this video or the R and R level lawn rake, the R and R hole cutter, as well as some flags and cups from their website. Take a look below if you were unfamiliar with them, I do not receive any commissions or referrals from any company listed in this video.

If you have been looking for a high-end, absolutely stellar reel mower that is light and easy to use, this could be the one for you. Just plan on getting your checkbook out because they are not cheap. You have to remember that for most reel mowers, the money isn’t in the engine, it’s in everything else.

Also in this video is some greens maintenance, top dressing, leveling with sand and levellawn rake, and just general info about the new putting surface.

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50 thoughts on “DOPE AF! Hudson Star Greens Mower”

  1. BRO ! I also have this SAME reel mower ! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT ! I got mine for 100.00 bucks unopened at a estate sale by Martha’s Vineyard in California 👍🏻😀 when I first seen it within all the other stuff at the estate sale it was in its original box and the dude controlling who is buying what told me it was never opened because the owner broke his legs training his horse to do jumps over hurtles or something like that… so that means no walking so he just had a professional business come do his landscaping for him for 6 months he was planning on making a small putting green buy his pool ..lucky dude 😎 anyway the coordinator told me it was some manual mower that nobody wanted and of course my head exploded inside ! Because these things cost up to four or $5000 new and here I was about to own one for 100 you could imagine my shit eating grin that day all the way home ! I might’ve cried a little lol 😆 but yeah man I would never give mine up for any other electric gas or any other reel mower out there! There’s just nothing that compares to the feeling of surgeon like precision in the grips of your hands you can actually feel how insanely sharp the blades are when you’re cutting the grass I love pushing this mower along on a bright Saturday morning with a the nice cup of coffee and my favorite baseball game playing on the good old a.m. radio I literally am in heaven in that moment ! I’m so glad I found your channel ! #ENJOY The mow my friend ! 🇺🇸🤙🏻

  2. I bought a used push reel mower, I have the style when you quit pushing the blade still turns, I remember those back in the 60's when I had to use one, I prefer that type versus the type you buy now, the blade stops when you stop.

  3. I got super excited when I saw this as a dad with 3 kids and a mortgage. I thought yes this is it! No motor has to mean affordable! WRONG! I mean geez what are the blades made out of carbon Japanese katana steel!? $2100! I just don't get why reel mowers are so expensive. There has to be a company that can produce a 5 to $700 reel mower for the average homeowner. Even a McLane with what 200$ briggs and straton engine is $1200. I think it would sell out. I'd be happy with cheap replaceable reels. Just give me something I can cut homemade green low. Anyways had to vent! Love your channel BTW 👍

  4. That's a cool mower and as "green" as it gets. I'm so tired of breathing exhaust fumes when I mow the lawn. Great choice! Had to laugh at myself. I've been slightly concerned about the effect of walking all over and mowing twice my reseeding with kbg. Now I see I was clearly concerned about nothing. You're always redefining the "rules" in my mind, lol.

  5. Hiya John…that mower!!…OMG..and when you popped that hole in there…cmon man!…that why you Lawncology 👑..and I 🦀 grass cooker..I warmin up the putter brother☮️👍😎🏌🏻☕️

  6. Amazed at the roots for 3-1/2 weeks post germination. I thought the push broom might up root
    the young plants, but apparently not. Looks like a well designed low maintenance mower too.
    Nice choice John. Keep it simple.

  7. Super nice mower, I looked at one but had some 'sticker shock' as well. I saw a post on TLF where someone got one from FB Marketplace, almost brand new, for only $275. Lucky AF! If I could find one that cheap I would definitely go for it. I'm currently using the Fiskars reel with the front/rear roller conversion that Striperman pioneered. I'm diggin' it, but I'm sure you'll love the star even more.

  8. Bought my first reel mower yesterday off facebook market place. A used earthwise 5 reel. I thought/think that thing was awesome. Guess there’s a smidge more room to improve lol

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