26 thoughts on “Echo Vs. Stihl | Only One Thing Matters”

  1. I have the FS11R trimmer, have 87r hedge trimmers and the 131 bed definer, I have echo trimmers believe 225, like my Red Max blowers too

    Like both brands but stihl has has edge, but buy what work for you speaking to individuals whom are are searching for equipment

  2. $60 for jeans!! NO F-ING WAY! At that point, I'd make my own! F THAT!
    We have a chain out here called Savers. Sort of like a Goodwill. Got 2 NEW, tags still on pairs of jeans for $8 each! Last time I paid $8 for jeans, I was in high school!
    With the exception of shoes, I have no problem with lightly used clothing. If you'd like, I can look for some jeans for you. Size 38w x 26L, right? HAHAHA! Love ya, Brother!
    Hi, Sarah!

  3. I currently use echo but I would like to go to stihl products this next time around and I love that backpack blower you have I need that. Echo is pretty good I haven't had any problems with it but I have burnt my arms several times like you mentioned lol. I had one dude on stripe life on facebook get into an argument with me over weather echo stihl and shindowa was better. It was a new guy starting out he had an echo I told him I owned an echo it wasn't bad. I said use what's best for your business and this guy commenting had to argue that shindowa was the best and his echo was garbage. What an ass! I agree with you iam not paying 6-7 hundred on shindowa or any weed wacker or blower

  4. Also, I live in Florida where it gets 100+ not counting the heat index and I run all Stihl equipment and I don’t have a problem starting any of my Stihls, like you said, just takes time to figure them out.

  5. Echo – Weedeater & Hand held Blower..
    Shindaiwa – Weedeaters & Back pack blower
    Echo – chainsaw
    Stihl – Hand held blower.
    Kobalt trimmers and pole saw 40 V. peoples gonna say. Kobolt but why spend big money on things like that when you don’t use them all the time. And they do just as good of a job… 🤣

  6. A long time ago (20+yrs) I used echo trimmers. I now use all Stihl equipment; trimmers, blowers, chain saws and hedge trimmers. I do agree that the fuel tank on the Stihl hedge trimmers is way too small, other than that it runs and cuts great (HS 46C).
    Have a great night!

  7. You get super chats, that’s why you’re wrong! 🤣 I have a Kombi unit and love it. Danny offered me a free mug to say I liked Echo on this comment, but I can’t do it.

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