EXIT robot mower stop for trampolines

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EXIT Toys encourages everyone to go outside

Creating outdoor toys that make everyone happy. It was with that dream that in 2011, the founding partners began developing outdoor toys under the name of EXIT Toys. There is one thing we’re still sure of: fun comes first! We develop unique items from the need of children, young adults, and parents. Their fantasy, experience and ideas give us energy and inspiration.

We are convinced that good products add to the experience. The cooler, better-looking and more challenging the items, the more fun everyone has. That’s why we pay a lot of attention to the design. We’re always looking for that little bit extra. So the whole family can go outside together to play, engage in sports, and have fun.

Safety during playtime is also highly important to us. That’s why we only work with the very best materials, so our outdoor items last for years on end. In addition, each EXIT Toys product has a favourable value for money, and appeals to a broad audience. Enabling many children, young adults, and their parents to go outside and have fun together with our outdoor toys. Go Play Outside!

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