Gardena Automatic Hose Reel Review – Is It Really That Good & Would I Buy It Again?


In this video, I review the new version of the Gardena Automatic Hose Reel. I purchased the 35-meter model which is suitable for medium and larger gardens and uses an automatic spring-loaded hose retraction system to makes using the hose pipe much easier than a traditional hose pipe reel. Overall my experience has been very good, watch the video to learn why.

Buy old model from Amazon UK:
Buy new model from Amazon UK:

Read my guide on how to install the Gardena automatic hose reel here:

Read my review where I compare auto hose reels on my blog here:

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19 thoughts on “Gardena Automatic Hose Reel Review – Is It Really That Good & Would I Buy It Again?”

  1. Hi Pyra – thanks for a great review – much appreciated. You said the hose is rated a 10/10 – I have a normal hose rated 7/10 and I find that it is somewhat heavy to use, especially when hosing the car. Is this hose a bit heavy and / or stiff for car washing where you need to do detail light hosing? (Australia)

  2. Great review of a solid product thank you.
    Got a soft spot for Gardena as a brand.
    The only thing is the unwind and rewind mechanism is so loud.
    I'd think it would drive me mad.

    Sadly I think it would be deal breaker for me 😓

  3. Can the leader hose be swapped out for a different one (I need a leader hose that is larger in length, the leader hose in the video is too small to reach my outdoor faucet for where I want to install it)?

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