GARDENA Garden Hose Boxes

GARDENA Garden Hose Boxes. Easy to roll-out, effortless to roll-up.

✅New! Free placement in the garden.
✅Effortless retraction for zero tangles.
✅Quality guaranteed and no maintenance necessary.

The hose automatically locks into place at the desired length thanks to the practical short locking points. With a light pull, the lock is released and thanks to a spring, the hose is automatically and evenly rolled up. It can be placed anywhere in the garden and can be swivelled 360°. Available in the colours turquoise and white and in the sizes M (20 m hose length), and S (15 m hose length).

Watering that`s always ready for action 💧.

Garden Hose Box RollUp S:

Garden Hose Box RollUp M:

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