Gardena SILENO life 1500 Robot Lawn Mower – 1500 s.q. m. – Product overview

The Gardena SILENO life 1500 is a silent and smart robot lawn mower, ideal to keep your lawn always perfectly mowed. The SILENO range is designed with high technology and is a top-of-the-range, ensuring an easy and autonomous solution for your lawn care.
You can control it via Bluetooth from up to 10 m away.
Powered by an extremely silent motor, it will be ideal for avoiding disturbing you and your neighbours, making it possible to mow your lawn at any time.

The CorridorCut system will guide the robot while mowing in narrow spaces and corners of only 60 cm width. This function will also guide it out of dead ends.
The SensorControl will make the robot autonomously manage how often mowing the lawn, setting off precisely the best frequency in line with grass growth. Your clever little helper will cut the grass efficiently as , thanks to full management via Bluetooth App, you can enter the size of the lawn, mowing days and time, so that the robot will set a cutting schedule and start mowing autonomously.
This SILENO life can also detect the frozen on the ground and then stop mowing until the ground has thawed.
The perimeter wire delimits the area of the garden to be mowed, while at the same time the guide cable reliably and automatically directs the robot lawn mower around all cutting areas and then make the robot come back to the charging station.
It can cut on slopes of up to 35%.

The robot lawn mower can be easily cleaned with a garden hose that will help you cleaning the cutting deck and small blades.
The robot lawn mower is provided with 4 cutting height positions from 20 mm to 50 mm, easily adjustable by means a small knob under the control panel.
A further very useful function is spot cutting: a spiral mowing function, ideal for hard-to-reach areas.
Cutting width: 22 cm.

The robot lawn mower can mow on areas up to 1500 s.q. m.: this data refers to the max. cutting area in case of low slopes and even terrain.

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