GARDENA SILENO minimo | How to | Chapter 6

Chapter 6 of the GARDENA SILENO minimo how to series.

The compact SILENO minimo lends you a helping hand for your lawn care. Your little garden helper is so quiet that you’ll hardly notice it and you can continue to relax on the patio. Basic commands can be given via a control pad directly on the mower. Additional settings and all options and commands are quickly at hand with the GARDENA Bluetooth® App.

✅Pro-silent: The quietest! Best in class noise level.
✅AI-precise: Better navigator, tackles the narrowest spaces and tightest corners with reliable precision.
✅Auto Weather & Terrain: The SILENO robotic lawnmowers work under all weather conditions, rain or sunshine. The perfect robotic lawnmower for easy or complex lawn layouts.
✅EasyApp Control: Easy way to control your SILENO with the GARDENA Bluetooth® App from up to 10 m.
✅For gardens up to 500 m².

The SILENO minimo has a frost sensor, is hose washable, can cut even difficult or narrow passages due to the CorridorCut functionality, and automaticly adjusts the mowing time based on grass growth due to the SensorControl.

The most intelligent robotic lawnmower. SILENO..

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12 thoughts on “GARDENA SILENO minimo | How to | Chapter 6”

  1. Realy sad instructions..just download and install..did it. But then asking to register, asking generate the pin and add product.. so where are those instructions and end result clicking add product ….and thats it, nothing happens

  2. "Just enter the distance in meters…." then it doesnt show in the app on the video and also I can not find it anywhere in the app. And my mower doesnt seem to find the secondary area connected by a narrow passage even if I have my guidewire through. Guess it needs the guidewire distance setting but as far as I can tell it doesnt exist in the app

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