GARDENA smart SILENO with LONA™ Intelligence

Experience the next level of smart lawn care with the new GARDENA smart SILENO, now featuring LONA™ intelligence. It offers a wide range of smart and state of the art features to make your lawn look perfect and your precious freetime most enjoyable.

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7 thoughts on “GARDENA smart SILENO with LONA™ Intelligence”

  1. hello gardena im from swiss i have a problem i have a metall chair with a table and i want to make a area protect because the mower scratch and is damaged i already used it for this i can‘t mow when you don‘t release the area protect in my gardena app there is a message available on may but there is still no update on it there is only 2 days left till new month please release it i can‘t use the mower

  2. I have bought a Gardena Smart SILENO life 700 Lona. It works great, except for that I can't use the AreaProtect function. I can't find it! I can edit the map in the Smart app, but there's no way to add areas. Help!

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