GARDENA Sprinklersystem Installation Instructions

The GARDENA Sprinklersystem – convenient, reliable and easy to install. Unnoticeable pop-up sprinklers from below the ground ensure an efficient, even sprinkling of your lawn. They disappear back into the ground once they have done their work.

Here’s how the installation works:

1. Lay out all the pieces according to the plan. Start with the water supply.
2. Open the packaging of the pipelines and leave them in the sun for a few hours.
3. Cut the pipes according to the plan. Preferably use a cutter for PE pipes or garden shears.
4. Remove the dirt and deburr the incorrectly cut edges.
5. Connect the pipes and fittings.
6. Connect the pop-up sprinklers to the connections according to the plan. 7. Install drain valves at the lowest points of the system to protect against forest.
8. Test the tightness of the system with a test run.
9. Adjust spray direction, area, nozzle and spray reach.
10. Dig a V-shaped trench about 20-25 cm deep for the pipelines. Tip: Mow and water the lawn beforehand.
11. Carefully remove the excavated soil. Remove the stones.
12. All sprinklers, junction boxes and water sockets must be installed flush with the ground in a drainage package.
13. Install several drainage valves on slopes if necessary. Use a layer of coarse gravel as a base (20 cm³).
14. The drain valves open automatically after watering when the water pressure is max. 0.2 bar to drain the line.
15. Place the soil again. Then lay out the turf on the ground and tread it down.
16. Tip: water the soil and the lawn beforehand. After a few weeks, no trace of the trenches will be visible.

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