GreeneCharge. The N-Ext BIG THING. HULK OUT your Lawn!

If you haven’t heard about it already N-Ext GreeneCharge is here. N-Ext GreeneCharge 26-0-0 50% slow release liquid nitrogen fertilizer will pop your lawn like you’ve never seen. what’s in it? Elven magic? Wizards spells? The secret of life? No. Just the goodness your lawn needs to get green and growing fast.

GreeneCharge has been been used by the pros and is now available to the Do it Yourselfers who want to either: boost up the growth and vigor of their lawn on a granular program, light up their grass on a liquid program, or supplement here and there when you feel nitrogen is needed! Anyway you want it thats the way you need it.

I will be using this for the first and maybe the first couple feedings on my turf. I am currently running the low rate of 16 ounces per thousand. Get more info here:

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40 thoughts on “GreeneCharge. The N-Ext BIG THING. HULK OUT your Lawn!”

  1. I am loving the results that I am getting from the Greene Charge so far…I can see this becoming a staple in my programs going forward.
    Great product JP… 👊👊👊 everyone should 'charge up their lawn'…

  2. I just bought the GreeNePak from Ally’s website. What would be the best way to apply the four for Florida StAug during the summer? Alternate GreenePunch and GreenePop every month and use the other two in between?

  3. I'm going to be ordering GreeneCharge to supplement my other N-Ext products. I just received my Allett Stirling a couple of weeks ago so looking to really step up my game. Great channel.

  4. Hiya John!…you go from white to deep green overnite!👏👏..the property insane!…and the GC a must have!…thanks for all…get out the stimpmeter!!🤣🤣👏👏👍☮️🏌🏿

  5. I just ordered my first set of your products to try out on my lawn this year. I got the bio-stimulant box to start off as there were some many options to learn about. Outside of the bio-stimulant kit would this be your next recommendation or what is the best next step products. I saw the greeNe n pak kit that interest me but can't find anywhere that carries it. Glad i found your channel and look forward to watching more videos.

  6. Is the lawncology email still active? I have a scenario I’d like to share with you and receive your your best advise with the situation on hand. By the way, I love how you ended the video 😂

  7. Would this work as a replacement for the 18-0-1 I've been using? Any benefit to using this over the Greene Punch? Still amazed at how awesome
    these N-Ext products work!

  8. last season I used the N-Ext "Bio-Stimulant" Package, and progress was kinda hard to see developing that first year of moving to a liquid product line – but wow! when my kbg finally 'popped' this spring into full blown life, I could obviously tell something amazing had happened differently than in years past; clearly there was fullness in areas that had always been thinner, and overall color and growth was just booming ….pretty cool with no treatments at all yet this year, so I'll have to see what to try nExt and order again soon

  9. So glad I found this channel. I watched a ton of LawnCareNut over the past few months and he kept referencing you when he says "check out those roots John Perry." lol. And so I finally came over here a few weeks ago and your content is awesome. I watched the whole soil series while flying the other day. Your video effects are cool and your style is just fun man… I literally get excited when I see you post a new video. Keep up the great work man.

  10. Been thinking the robo mowers need wheels that are more like a spikey star wheel. Wonder if it would get rid of the crazy stripes.

    Hopefully soon next level is actually artistic or perfect striping.

    Not sure if you have seen the giant turf art by computer controlled air puffs from modified zero turn that prints any patern.

  11. here in west texas its been over 100 for the last week. Unseasonable warmer than normal. Can I run this at 16 oz per 1k and use 2 gallons per 1k (for bermuda, St Aug, and some Perrienial Rye ) on my skid this time of year and be safe knowing these temps are ridiculously high? Dont want to burn the turf, but I need to get some fert down.

  12. Challenge accepted. My Bermuda seems to be struggling to really get moving this year….so we'll see if this can kick it into gear. I'm in Az btw, so kinda worrisome my Bermuda is slow. Emergency soil test pending 👍

  13. As someone with a larger lawn, this higher percentage of N seems like it'll be a bit more economical than some other liquid options. As far as tank mixes go, I'm assuming it'd be similar to what plays nice with GreenePunch.

  14. Hey JP… would it be possible to add a ounces view strip to those gallon jugs (like oil jugs) so when you spray and pray, you can see how much you put out.. ?

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