Greenhouse & garden summer update ft Gardena | Plant with Roos

Check how well our plants in the greenhouse and garden are doing, thanks to a huge makeover by Gardena – #sponsored

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…to help your plants grow
Fans terrarium – US EU (these cannot ship to The Netherlands from Amazon DE so I ordered them from Amazon US and it went well! Very fast delivery and no extra fees for us)
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Thermometer hydrometer – US EU
Heatmat – US EU
Humidifier (Elechomes) – US EU
Growlights fullspectrum – US EU
Digital lightmeter (lux) – US EU

…to support your plants
Plant velcro (Thank you @delaplants!) – US EU
Spagnum moss – US EU
Small netpots – US EU

Planty books:
The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert – US EU
Lessons from Plants by Beronda L. Montgomery
Houseplants for Beginners by Rebecca de la Paz (@delaplants!) – US EU

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Microscope 1000x USB – US EU
Neem oil pure – US EU

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17 thoughts on “Greenhouse & garden summer update ft Gardena | Plant with Roos”

  1. I would love a video on rain barrels and the whole idea of saving and harvesting rain water in general. I have been wanting to purchase one myself for the past 3 yrs. of my houseplant journey. I have always had a garden outdoors but only been a collector for 3-ish yrs. so all that being said there are so many benifits to harvesting rain water. So I think it would be a fantastic subject to cover and inspire more people to do the same. As of now I collect rain with small buckets and the like. Whenever it's going to rain I run out and set up a gazillion containers all over my yard and under the gutters for collection lol. I need a better system! You are the sweetest and I thank you for all you do and inspire. I totally would utilize sponsorship too if I were in your shoes. This is your job! So, thank you again. xoxo

  2. This sprinkler system is brilliant! I wish we had this in Jakarta, I am sometimes just too mentally blocked to water my garden so this is like having a 2nd pair of hands. Your bf is awesome too!

  3. Love this Roos! It’s so nice to see you use AND be sponsored by Gardena, since we have those also available in Finland where I’m from. It’s really easy to see how you use and utilize all the products and since we are going to do a huge redesign and rebuild in our own garden, these videos are really really helpful! We are planning it this autumn/winter and possibly starting next spring. We also want it to be as sustainable and automated as possible, so the irrigation system is right up my alley! Thank you so much! 💚 Love your content 💚

  4. I just want to pop in and thank you for sharing your garden. I just love to watch your garden grow. I can't seem to get enough gardening content. There is just always so many new things to learn from each other. I garden and make gardening videos too if you'd ever want to visit my garden too. Keep in touch! I look forward to watching your future updates.

  5. I dont hate the premonitions because I love your channel and like you get help with it.
    The eco soundness is great.
    I recently got an outdoor tap. It's amazing
    Great vid

  6. I love that system , and your garden.
    I would consider doing that to my garden too, if I had one 😂
    Just don’t eat the Lampions, they are toxic I think . I think you mean physalis, those are eatable and just look the same.

  7. Your garden is so cool!
    I love your videos it really shows that plants bring everyone joy❤
    I live nearby hortus leiden
    and they have some amorfophallus again
    im going to pick one up, excited!

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