Hello, I've Been Waiting For You – Inscryption

Inscryption Part 8 – you know who I am. I know who you are. Let’s play a game.
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26 thoughts on “Hello, I've Been Waiting For You – Inscryption”


    Hey this section's pretty sweet. I enjoyed act 2 but see this as a significant step up. What'd you think?

  2. I know I'm late to this whole series but I just love how this game takes the simple premise of a card game and turns it into so many different battle systems and ideas.

  3. Silksong Reactions

    Tyler is both the smartest when it comes to puzzles and the dumbest when it comes to reading instructions and understanding basic mechanics

  4. Lazergurka - Smerlin

    Lol I totally missed the photography mechanic aswell, I just assumed that the replay arrow was like if you wanted to retake the photo for some reason

  5. If he didn’t pick the technology guy, would he of been able to play the other ones? Or would the bot guy of taken over? Or do you end up playing all the stories anyway

  6. OMG this is the game from act one the 'player' in the previous 'playthrough' chose to replace leshy but you chose PO3. that is really smart

  7. Omg I get it now the original guy picked the beast guy and ge took over the other 3 and just did the same thing but instead of beast guy it’s now technolagy guy

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