How To Access Critical Information About Your Husqvarna Automower’s Battery.

In this video we show you how to use the quick info menu to bring up information about the battery, or batteries if it’s a 450X/450XH, Husqvarna Automower. In the quick info menu you can find the total life time charge cycles for your battery, current voltage, current capacity, and temperature of the battery. All of this information can be very handy when trying to diagnose an issue with your mower not mowing as long as it used to before needing to charge, or not making it back to the charging station before shutting down, and other possible battery related errors or issues you might have with your Automower. As you can see in this video, using the quick info menu is an easy and convenient way to test and check the health of your Husqvarna Automower’s battery to determine if it’s time to replace the battery or if something else is causing the battery to have problems like the issue we covered in this video showing the melted connector issue that we ran into on several 450X Automowers and caused the battery to not be able to charge:

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5 thoughts on “How To Access Critical Information About Your Husqvarna Automower’s Battery.”

  1. As I have a battery problem with my after market replacements on my 450x what are the chances of me taking the battery management boards off of the old genuine batteries and installing them on the after markets

  2. Stupid question, can I mod a pair of batteries and run them in parallel to double the capacity of the battery? Even if it doesn't fit inside I'd be very curious if it worked

  3. I really appreciate your videos.
    I have 2 450x running in my yard almost 24/7 over the last 3 years during spring and summer so I have to do a good amount of maintenance.
    Just replace the battery on my oldest mower. Any opinion on aftermarket batteries?
    My local dealer is not very close, and I believe at this time I have more experience with the mowers then they do.
    Can you do a video on wheel motor maintenance? After replacing a couple motors, I decide to take them apart. I have been adding lithium grease 2x a season to increase the life of the motors. I have a few failed motors that I would like to refurbish if possible. Any info is greatly appreciated
    Keep up the good work

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