How to avoid a wet sausage ruining your BBQ with Gardena and IFTTT Pro

Nothing worse than a wet sausage at a BBQ right? And by that, I mean the sprinklers/irrigation system starting while your friends are round and in the garden.

This applet will not only ensure your friends avoid getting wet (from the sprinklers) but also get the BBQ off to a groovy start!

Gardena Smart Water System –

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8 thoughts on “How to avoid a wet sausage ruining your BBQ with Gardena and IFTTT Pro”

  1. I would program a script on my raspberry Pi that sends a maker webhook to IFTTT when there are more than 5 people home. (party.)

    The webhook then turns off the water sprayer (and maybe the lawn mower), would turn on the Phillips hue bulbs,
    and would use a switchbot to make it roll off the terrace roof.

    I don't know if that last word made sense, it is that I couldn't find the right translation.

  2. I would find a way to link with my electronic cat flap, so whenever the cat flap opened outwards, the irrigation system would be initiated, stopping our cat from using my veg patch as a litter tray! 👍😉

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