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In this video, we show you how to change the blade on a Viking MB 253.1 T Lawn Mower. Click here for a full list of parts, tools & transcript!


All Parts for a Viking MB 253.1 T Lawn Mower:


Bahco SL25 Socket Set of 25 Metric 1/4in Drive


Health & Safety Warning Please ensure that you have safely prepared the machine and work space. If you are unsure about any aspect of the task please seek professional advice.

Today we are going to change the blade on a Viking MB 253.1 T Lawnmower.
Tip the lawn mower backwards and prop up right with a suitable tool.
Using a 17mm socket loosen the screw holding the blade in place.
You will now be able to release the washer and blade.
Genuine blades are normally balanced however you can do a simple check by balancing the blade using a screwdriver.
Place the blade the correct way as shown, along with the washer.
Tighten with the 17mm socket.
That’s how to change the blade on a Viking Lawn Mower.

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