How to do the testing for DEVVIS Robot Lawn Mower Running motor?

Let’s assume there is something wrong with the left wheel.

Left running motor is not working, mostly it caused by Left running motor, if the connection is well between the left running motor and main PCB , please switch left running motor and right one on the main PCB , if still the leftwheel problem after switched , it is indeed caused by running motor. if not , that is the problem comes from the Main PCB.

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3 thoughts on “How to do the testing for DEVVIS Robot Lawn Mower Running motor?”

  1. my Devvis h750t has no problems when mowing the lawn automatically, but when returning home it loses signal in some points and rotates on itself until it stops. Is it possible that the PCB of the charging station produces a bad signal (poor or noisy)?

  2. I have this issue with my robot, I did the procedure and I belive I have the pcb issue, Is there a fuse or something that can be replaced to make this work again?

  3. Hello. My ht750 has stopped moving. The wheel motors are operational. In auto mode, the knives start, but the mower does not drive. Please help.

    serial number: 20211205025 h750t

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