How to Find a Broken Underground Wire for Husqvarna Automower

My husband recorded this video about the tools and method he used to find the broken underground wiring for our Husqvarna Automower. We did a lot of moving our wiring around when our patio was built which messed up our initial boundary wiring. Unfortunately we knew we had a break SOMEWHERE, but not where. He was able to find the location, dig it up, and repair it using this tool.

Edit to add: The black wire on the transmitter is not attached to anything. The black wire on the receiver just hangs down to help you find the break.

Supplies you can use (affiliate links- I may receive a commission if you make a purchase with these links):

-Kolsol Underground Wire Locator, Cable Tester F02 Pro with Rechargeable 1100mAh Battery:
-GWHOLE Pack of 20 Electrical IDC 314-BOX Wire Connectors for Robotic Lawn Mowers, Irrigation Applications:

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  1. So let me get this straight , I can use a multimeter and hook it up to a radio , and put one multimeter stick in the ground and the other on the antenna and if the one on the ground makes a sound the radio antenna while it's on will show higher volts?

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