How to Fix a Honda Pull Cord Coil Spring

Do you replace the pull cord spring or replace the entire pull cord assembly?

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10 thoughts on “How to Fix a Honda Pull Cord Coil Spring”

  1. I like to use silicone spray to lube plastic parts and a light grease to coat the spring for rust prevention. WD-40 fixes a lot of problems but it is a solvent and will wash off any petroleum based lubes. So it's a good idea to use WD-40 to remove grime that sticks to grease, then follow up with some clean lube to reduce rust.

  2. I've an electric start hrx217 with the gcv200 engine. I've never in the last 4 years used the pull rope,but was u loading it out of my pickup the other day and the rope broke at the handle. I took the top off today and fed the rope back through the hole to reattach the pull handle but when I pull on the rope it wont recoil back into the unit. I dont know about taking it apart to replace the spring. I'll try it if I have to,but I'd rather not go there. I just want a backup way to start it when the battery or starter fails.

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  4. They call them pawls. First time Ive seen new spring put on. Now I know about piece that keeps it spring together. Does briggs have same piece that holds spring together?

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