How to install your GARDENA SILENO robotic lawnmower

In this handy video, we show you how easy it is to install a GARDENA SILENO robotic mower.

The helpful step by step instructions will guide you through how easy it is to set up your robotic mower, and keep your lawn looking luscious and healthy.

To find out more about GARDENA’s range of robotic mowers, head to our website.

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9 thoughts on “How to install your GARDENA SILENO robotic lawnmower”

  1. can i make loop with guide wire? down and uphill just 10 cm gap between guide wires there and back to cover narrow part and go with guide to another similar area and ther to connet it to boundary wire???? thanx

  2. Perhaps I can get help here since I can’t seem to get help anywhere else. I changes the pin on the Gardena Sileno Minimo 500 I purchased on line 2 1/2 months ago. I have not been able to use this mower once because of never ending problems. I live in the USA and all the info and manuals were sent in Italian. I could register at first because the website wasn’t showing USA as a place where a product could be registered. Then the PIN. For a month I’ve been back and forth with mostly the distributor Grooves-Land out of Berlin Germany. They have no phone number to call. It all done 1 email a day if there’s some misunderstanding or lack of clarity it’s basically “too bad. Wait till tomorrow”.

    I tried emailing Gardena as they also value their customers so much that calling them for help/./support/guidance is not available. Seems they put customers as their first priority. NOT!!

    I’ve finally been able to register the device with Gardena. They had told me I needed to work with a distributor in my region. Problem is no one sells Gardena outside of Amazon here in the USa so there’s no one to turn to. The folks at Grooves Land are trying to help but we’re at an impasse. I provided model and serial numbers and some other number. They want/need a security code. She said press number nine and it will give the 12 didnt security code. The Sileno Maximo doesn’t have a display. Doesn’t have a number pad. It has 4 buttons arranged in a diamond shape and your set a pin based on a pattern. Not a number like your bank card.

    I’m at witts end. Over $800 and I have nothing more than a paperweight. If this is how Gardena values it’s customers I hope they never really come to the United States. And if this is how I’ll continue to be treated, I will post this everywhere so anyone in the USA knows to but another products like Worx Landroid or Husqvarna or robomow or hell a pair of scissors would be better cutting a 1 acre lawn than going through this.

    So what can I do? I need guidance, suggestions, phone numbers. Anything to get this working.

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