How To Reset Automower ECO Mode No Loop Error ECO Mode (No Loop Error Video 3: Flashing Green Light)

Getting a no loop error on a Husqvarna Automower with a flashing green LED on the charging station is one that really throws people off when they first see it. Normally the no loop error is associated with a flashing blue LED, and solid green means everything is working the way it should. So you can see how that could get confusing . But if you’ve ever experienced the flashing blue light of death before then as you’ll see in this video, it is usually much easier to solve the flashing green no loop error than the flashing blue no loop error on your Husqvarna Automower.

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8 thoughts on “How To Reset Automower ECO Mode No Loop Error ECO Mode (No Loop Error Video 3: Flashing Green Light)”

  1. I always get this error and cannot get rid of it after I moved the 115H to the secondary area. However, if I am in my main area, put it in secondary mode, take if off the charger, then start, this works fine. However, the 115H is still respecting the boundary wires. Is it suppose to do this.

    Then I stop the 115H. Bring it over to the secondary area. Press start. And I always get this loop error.

    Any ideas here? My secondary area has no boundary wire and I'm relying on the sensors to bump into something and turn around.

  2. Hi, what if im getting the eco mode off no loop signal error with a blue light flashing, could this be a combination of a loop break plus the eco mode error?. im a husqvarna service tech and have not seen this yet. i got a call late yesterday about this and havent been to the property yet, i have forwarded this video to him so hopefully it has helped. i have a tech team to phone later, but thought id comment here first

  3. What if you have a solid green light and still get a loop error? This is a new mower, never ran it. I checked entire boundary wire and guide wire, no damage and solid green light. Mower does not start. Fully charged.

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